Are you in your 20s? 8 fitness habits you need to inculcate

It’s always better to start today, and being in your 20s is the perfect time to get fit. © Shutterstock

The 20s is the perfect time to start on your fitness journey and form habits that will stay with you and help you be healthy and fit.

Fitness is a way of life and the earlier you stat along this path the better it is for you. This is especially true when you are in your 20s. This is an exciting time in your life. You have finally stepped into adulthood. You are busy balancing your education and work life, making new friends, travelling and generally being happy and carefree. This also the time when you form lifelong habits. You need to inculcate healthy habits because what you do now will have an impact on your future. If you want a long, fulfilling and healthy life, you must start your fitness journey not itself.

Please keep in mind that being fit does not mean sessions at the gym alone. Being fit is also about what you eat and the lifestyle you live.

It's always better to start today, and being in your 20s is the perfect time to get fit. It's important to be aware of your routine and what little changes you can make to benefit your health later on.

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Here are a few tips on how to stay in shape and maintain the necessary fitness habits in your 20s.

Enjoy your strength training routine

If you haven't started lifting weights or engaged in a strength training routine, make it a point to start now. Strength training workouts are excellent to maintain your health and result in stronger leaner muscles, increased metabolism, fat burn and better sleep. Fall in love with strength training and reap the benefits that it brings your body. You can also prevent diabetes and back pain from strength training exercises.

Stay hydrated with water

You probably hear this tip more often than not, but it is an important one to maintain. Drinking lots of water will assist the regular function of your organs and prevent issues that occur due to dehydration. While staying hydrated is important, try to stay away from sugary drinks that come with unnecessary calories and ingredients.

Spruce up your fitness routine

While it is common to fall in love with a workout, instead of doing the same workout day in and day out, try to spruce up your routine by switching it up every once in a while. Engaging in the same routine time and time again will only leave you feeling bored. Additionally, as your body adapts to this exercise, you will end up burning fewer calories and the workout will have less of an effect on you in the long run. If you've been training via running and jogging, change it up by attending a boxing class or engaging in a routine that targets different muscles.

Refuel post-workout the right way

What you put into your body after your workout is important to replenish your muscles and refuel your body with energy. Protein and carbs are the essential nutrients to consume post-workout to restore energy and build stronger muscles. Have fun with your meals by incorporating your favorite proteins and carbs in smoothies, full-meals or snacks to keep you going.

Engage in yoga or Pilates

Both yoga and Pilates are excellent workouts that not only boost your mental health but also improve your balance and posture in the long run. The various stretches and poses you do in class work to strengthen your core muscles, which are extremely necessary to support your body. Yoga and Pilates have many variations to the traditional routines with different intensity levels to suit your needs.

Be mindful of who you surround yourself with

Who you choose to surround yourself with will impact the way you want to live your lifestyle. If you constantly hang out with individuals who party and follow unhealthy diets, you might be encouraged to live that kind of lifestyle without even realizing it. Making friends with like-minded individuals who like to enjoy themselves but are also conscious about their health and fitness will further push you to maintain your goals and stay motivated.

Invest in good workout clothes

Studies have shown that investing in workout clothes that fit well and make you look good can boost your self-confidence and motivate you to make it to the gym. When you know you look good, you end up feeling good and this translates to giving it your all during exercise.

Take advantage of rest days

Rest days are a key part of your workout routine. The recovery phase of your workouts is the time when your muscles repair and rebuild to become stronger and leaner. You need to give your body time to heal in order to maximize your performance and prevent serious injury that could set you back for months.

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