An easy yoga mudra to beat infertility and help you get pregnant!

This mudra will help balance the functioning of the reproductive system.

Yoga seeks to harmonise and bring balance to mind and the body. The practice of yoga is not only helpful to rid of diseases but also to ensure the continuation of our species. An imbalance in your reproductive system can affect your ability to conceive. Through yogic postures and yoga mudras, you can balance the functioning of the reproductive system while cleansing your body and calming your mind. One such mudra is the yoni mudra. As you know, mudras are incredibly easy to perform, you can do it anywhere whether sitting or standing, whichever position you are comfortable. Yoga expert Raman Mishratells you how you can carry out the yoni mudra.

Yoni mudra

  • Wear loose clothes and sit at a quiet place in a comfortable position. Take a deep breath in and slowly breathe out. Make sure that you observe your breath.
  • Now bring your palms together with your fingers pointing away from your lower belly.
  • Then bring your thumb to the navel and your index fingers to the pubic bone.
  • Then spread your hands open such that the palms of the fingers are on your lower belly. Make sure that you keep your thumb and your lower fingers connected. The hand position in this mudra looks like the vulva. Observe your breath for sometime and slowly release your hands.
  • Do this continuously for 3-6 minutes. Also, try these 6 mudras to beat stress.

How it benefits your reproductive system?

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The yoni mudra will help open your blocked energy channels while balancing the functioning of your reproductive organs. It will also contribute to bringing energy to the pelvic area. Also, try this easy yoga asana for getting pregnant.

What are the other benefits of the mudra?

  • When you are too stressed and want to detach from the outside world, this mudra will help you get there. It will clear your mind and help you stay positive.
  • Practising this yoga mudra will also help calm your nervous system.

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