All you need to know about Huma Qureshi's detox diet paln

Find out what Huma Qureshi is eating for that gorgeous skin and fit body.

Huma Qureshi looks prettier than ever in her new film Jolly LLB. The actress has transformed into a better and fitter version of herself, and has managed to put the spotlights on her. Are you wondering how one manages to look that gorgeous? The beautiful Huma has embarked on a 28-day diet cleanse where she is completely off sugar, soda, gluten, wheat, processed food and alcohol. The actress has a diet and exercise routine planned out, and she has been sharing all the details on her Instagram page. Here's a step-by-step Ayurvedic detox diet to cleanse your body.

She starts her day with a glass of hot water and lemon juice and eats five small meals a day. She eats her breakfast 30 minutes after her first drink. The breakfast she eats includes poached eggs, Parmesan cheese, broccoli and grilled tomatoes. Her mid-day snack comprises of half cup papaya, half cup mango, half cup banana and yoghurt. For lunch, she eats avocado, chickpea, spinach and broad bean salad. Just 10 to 15 almonds make for her evening snack, and some curried coconut quinoa, roasted cauliflower and some greens make way to her breakfast. This is just her eighth-day plan. She has shared a lot more about her diet plan on her Instagram page. Have a look at it, in case you want to follow her footsteps.

Day 1:

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Day 2


Day 3:


Day 4:


Day 5:




So we have just seen that Huma has a very balanced diet and she does not deprive her body in any way. She also drinks 12 glasses of water in a day along with coconut water and nimbu paani to keep herself hydrated. Also, find out what Bollywood actresses eat on their cheat days.

As for her exercise regime, Huma swears by Pilates. The actress says that Pilates has helped her build a better posture and helped her strengthen her muscles and develop her core.

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