7 ways red wine is great for your health

Drinking red wine can help protect the heart, and it may boost brain power too. Here are some other health benefits of wine.

red wineDrinking red wine can help protect the heart, and it may boost brain power too. A glass of red wine contains high amounts of antioxidants which not only help our cells fight against free radical damage, but also increase cholesterol levels in a positive way. It also contains procyanidins which help reduce blood pressure and protect against hardening of the arteries.

Here are 7 reasons drinking moderate amounts of red wine is actually good for your health:

1. Can help prevent cholesterol build up

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Research has shown that antioxidants in wine known as polyphenols can help prevent cholesterol build up and thus prevent heart disease. In today's times, when more and more young people are falling prey to heart disease - consuming foods rich in antioxidants and avoiding junk food is a good idea. Besides wine, green tea and vegetables like spinach are also good sources of antioxidants. (Read: 8 natural cholesterol busters)

2. May help you live longer and healthier

Death is a certainty in life. Yet, people want to slow down the ageing process as much as possible. Researchers have found that a compound contained in red wine called resveratrol helps you live longer! The study administered resveratrol to bees. After administration, the bees showed a decrease in food intake and showed a tendency to live longer. (Read: Interesting facts about ageing)

3. Can prevent hearing loss

Not only does reseveratrol present in wine help increase longevity, it also helps prevent hearing loss. In a study conducted by the Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, healthy rats administered resveratrol were less likely to suffer noise-induced hearing loss for a long period of time.

4. Can help prevent osteosporosis

One or two glasses of red wine a day could help as much as medicines to protect older women from osteoporosis or thinning of bones. According to a study published in the journal Menopause, researchers found that women who drank 19 g of alcohol a day about two small glasses of wine had a drop in loss of old bone. Alcohol appears to remedy the imbalance between the dissolving of old bone and poor production of new bone that can lead to osteoporosis in older women.

5. Can stop onset of Alzheimer's

Red wine contains certain chemicals which could hinder the progress of Alzheimer's disease that afflict a growing number of aged people, according to a research. In early-stage laboratory experiments, the researchers from the University of Leeds identified the process which allows harmful clumps of protein to latch on to brain cells, causing them to die. They were able to interrupt this pathway using the purified extracts of EGCG from resveratrol found in red wine. (Read: 'Alzheimer's is no more an old age condition')

6. Boosts exercise training and performance

Resveratrol, a bio-compound found in red wine, is likely to boost exercise training and performance, according to a research. Principal investigator Jason Dyck from the University of Alberta and his team found that high doses of resveratrol improved physical performance, heart function and muscle strength in lab models.

7. Makes you happier

Along with so many other benefits, one cannot forget that wine makes one happy. From time immemorial, the alcoholic beverage has proved to make evenings more romantic, release stress after a hard day at work and add to the overall experience of existing. However, it is advised that you consume the drink in moderation. (Read: Revealed the health benefits of laughter)

So yes, we can safely say that consuming wine in moderation is actually healthy and fun! Cheers!

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