6 myths about gymming busted!

Think you don't to gym or need to gym all the time? Here are a few common myths we bust about gymming.

gym mythsAre you planning to join a gym or rather, refraining from doing so, because of hearsay that makes you believe it is bad for your health? You've got to read this, as we bust some of the most common myths surrounding gymming.

Myth: You will gain more weight once you stop gymming

Have you been avoiding joining a gym because you are worried you will gain more weight once you quit? Many people are under the impression that they should not go to a gym simply because if they stop, all the fat will come back. The truth is, when you go to the gym, you lose calories by burning fat and adding muscle mass to the body. Once you stop, you start losing muscle mass. Additionally, the weight gained is not just because you have stopped working out, but because your dietary intake has worsened with calorie rich foods, or it has remained unchanged, despite the fact that your caloric requirement has diminished as you're no longer gymming. So you need to control your eating habits even if you aren't gymming and you can maintain your weight.

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Myth: You can eat junk food because you go to the gym

This is just a common notion that people have. They think that since they are working out, they are free to gorge on burgers, pizzas, or any other junk food they desire. Many even think that they can cheat on their diet and then work out a little extra to wash off the extra calories. This is one of the biggest myths out there. This is because diet plays a 70 per cent role in determining your fitness and weight loss goals. Exercise forms the remainder, so it is important to eat healthy to give your body the fuel it needs to work out efficiently.

Myth: You will bulk-up like a man if you weight train

See more girls in the cardio section and more guys lifting weights? This is perhaps due to the myth that women bulk-up if they start weight training. The fact is, women do not have high testosterone levels like men, which leads to so much muscle gain. It is therefore illogical to not weight train and focus only on cardio. Lifting weights helps define your muscles and makes them stronger, but don't worry, you will not bulk up like a bodybuilder.

Myth: Only cardio workout is enough to lose weight

Many people who want to lose weight queue-up for the cardio machines and spend a considerable amount of time on them without really weight training. Yes, cardio workouts are good, but you don't have to just do that to lose weight. if you want to keep the weight off permanently, you should also weight train as it will help grow muscles and the process of burning fat is sustained even after the activity, so you burn more fat overall.

Myth: You have to eat meat if you want muscles

If you are a gym regular, you must have heard people boast about their protein-rich diet which essentially involves eating a lot of meat, eggs, etc. While protein is the building block of muscles and is essential for their wear and tear, you don't always need to eat meat especially if you are a vegetarian. You can look for options such as milk products, lentils, supplements, etc. These can also do the trick and you can be as bulked up as a non-vegetarian.

Myth: You need to be a gym rat to see results

If you think people who spend hours in the gym are the ones who see actual results then you are mistaken. You don't have to be holed up in the gym or work out too much putting aside other tasks just to see results. In fact, too much gymming can be bad for your health as your body needs time to rest and recuperate after a workout. So, an hour of gymming five to six days a week is sufficient to keep your fitness levels high and you will definitely see results in a few weeks.

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