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6 expert tips to prevent obesity

According to nutritionist Priya Kathpal, being active is one of the easiest and most reliable ways of preventing obesity.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : April 17, 2015 1:04 PM IST

For many of us, staying in shape can be a daunting task. Although a number of factors like genes, hormones and environment can be responsible for obesity, other factors such as an inactive lifestyle and a poor diet can also contribute to obesity. By making these lifestyle changes you can keep your weight in check and also prevent obesity.

Be active

According to nutritionist Priya Kathpal, being active is one of the easiest and most reliable ways of preventing obesity. If you are physically active, it will boost your metabolism, which will in turn keep you in shape. Try and involve yourself in an activity you enjoy for at least five days a week for about 45-60 minutes each day. Aerobics, dancing, swimming and pilates are ideal options. If you are new to working out, you may seek the assistance of a physical trainer or join a local gym. Here are 4 accessories you must consider buying before joining a gym.

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Eat right

Consuming more fruits and vegetables and most importantly cooking your food are some of the proven ways to keep obesity at bay. Add fibre-rich vegetables like brussels sprouts, carrots, broccoli and beans to your diet as they will keep you full without adding calories to your meal. Avoid sweets, junk food, biscuits, fried food and bakery products.

Focus on portion sizes

Priya says, 'Restricting any foods, totally, is never going to work - be it desserts or fried foods, portion control is the key. Enjoy everything in moderation.' Make it a point to have healthy snacks between major meals of the day to help keep hunger pangs at bay. Priya also suggests making use of small serving plates, bowls and glasses to control your portion size. Experts believe that the colour red prompts you to eat more food. So, it's best to avoid using red-coloured bowls and serving plates. Here are some tips to stop yourself from overeating.

Keep a check on your weight

Our expert says, 'Keeping a check on your weight is good, unless you know where you stand, you won't know when to make necessary changes.' Make it a habit to check your weight at least once a month. If you think you have started to gain weight, talk to your trainer at the gym or make appropriate lifestyle changes to prevent weight gain.

Include 5-6 small meals per day

Priya suggests including at least 5-6 meals per day,which include fresh fruits and veggies that are seasonal in nature. When you eat after a long time, your body goes into starvation mode, making you eat more. If you eat at shorter intervals, you will feel satiated and stay away from bingeing. Eating small, frequent meals will pack a nutritional punch while also boosting your body metabolic rate. Did you know, 9 small meals could make you slimmer?

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is very important. More than half the time, it is thirst that is confused for hunger. Water washes out toxins from your body and hastens your metabolism. Try to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water every day to maintain your weight. Some tips to prevent dehydration this summer.

Prevention of obesity at the right time also makes a lot of difference. This would mean, making sure that children in the family are eating healthy and are active.

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