5 Yoga Exercises To Build Knee Strength

5 Yoga Exercises To Build Knee Strength
5 Yoga Exercises To Build Knee Strength

Do not feel daunted by difficult workouts. These simple yoga workouts are very effective to build knee strength.

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : June 16, 2023 12:06 PM IST

Knee pain is a common problem among adults and the causes are often related to aging, injury or repeated stress. Knee is a vulnerable joint that bears a great deal of stress in everyday life. It is daunting for people with knee pain, knee injury or weak knees to do any kind of physical workouts. People who experience pain in the knees often skip the whole process of exercise because it gets too difficult for them. People suffer from issues such as chronic knee or joint pain from osteoarthritis, arthritis or even simple strains from everyday routine.

If a person has chronic knee pain, yoga practice may be able to help. Yoga is a physical activity which has minimal impact on the knees. It might not heal the underlying issue but it can improve flexibility and reduce pain.

People who experience this problem should also know that exercise is the only way to alleviate knee pian and work to build stronger knees. Fortunately, yoga exercises are a proven remedy, although they can seem daunting for beginners. When you're doing yoga, it's important to do the poses with the correct form. Practicing with a cautious pace will help you get positive results. Some asanas indeed are to difficult for people experiencing knee problems so here are some easy and effective workouts that will help you build strength as well as alleviate pain.

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5 simple exercises to build knee strength.

Knee Lifts

To do this workout, you can start by sitting on the edge of your chair which has a tall spine or you can lie on your back. Set your feet wide enough to stand steadily. Press one of your legs down, either left or right and extend the leg to straight, bend your knee and then lower the knee. As you do this, keep your breathing slow and steady. Inhale as you lift the knee and exhale as you do the next action and repeat this. Repeat this exercise at least four times for good results, however, you can also do it more than four times. This exercise is to mainly help you warm up the knee and promote blood circulation.

Leg Pedaling

Sit down on a tall seat. Hold the chair to keep yourself steady. Press one foot to the floor, extend your right leg to straight and slide your right foot towards bending and then lifting the knee. Keep your knee lifted and extend the leg straight keeping both legs lifted. The next step is to lower your foot to the ground and repeat the process a couple of times by making the peddling action.

Lunge And Back Knee Bends

Stand at a steady position, like at a wall or use the back of a chair. Step your left foot back and bend your right knee. Keep your weight on your right foot and lean forward into the chair/wall.

Lunge And Front Knee Bends

Place hands on the chair or hands on hips if you feel unsteady. Step one foot back and bend the front knee. This time as you inhale straighten the front leg and exhale as your bend. This is a very good pose for building strength in the muscles and multiple ligaments around the knee. The slower you go the more therapeutic this can be and a little trembling in the leg is a sign your muscles are working.

Heel Lifts (Standing Knee Bends)

Start this workout by standing up straight and lengthen to the crown of your head. Keep your legs as close to each other as possible. This workout will help you work on the muscles around the knee area. This area is vital to support the joint and to stay steady on your feet.