5 tasty salad recipes to keep you in good health

Salads can be tasty too! Try these 5 yummy and healthy salad recipes.

tasty saladSalads are a healthy way to get adequate nutrition and manage weight. They are full of raw veggies with a delicious salad dressing that not only fill you up but also provide good amounts of vitamins and minerals to your body. Including them in your diet can do wonders for your health. While almost everyone knows the importance of eating salads, many choose to ignore it as they do not like the taste. In order to make things interesting, try the following salad recipes which are healthy but rank high on the tasty meter too. (Read: 6 healthy salad dressing recipes for weight loss)

Gajar aur kishmish ka salad

Raw carrots form the base of this salad. It is no secret that carrots a rich source of vitamin A and are really good for your eyes, skin and even hair. They keep various ailments at bay and are low in number of calories. A 100g of raw carrots contain only 41 calories. The addition of other ingredients like raisins, mint leaves and walnuts further raise this dish's health quotient.Here's the recipe.

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Watermelon and tomato chaat salad

According to studies, eating watermelon can help prevent heart disease by halting the build-up of harmful LDL cholesterol. Tomatoes on the other hand are a good source of calcium and vitamin A. Both of these fruits are low in calories and are fitting for people on a weight loss diet. But the chaat flavour certainly adds a zing to it, making this salad apt for the Indian palate. Find the recipe here.

Boiled peanut salad

Good things do come in small packages and peanuts are perfect examples of this. They pack a healthy punch and can do wonders for us. They boost memory power, prevent gallstones, have good amounts of folate which is excellent for pregnant women and also protect against certain cancers. The addition of black pepper, chillies and lemon add a tangy twist to this salad. Get the recipe here.

Warm spinach and chickpea salad

Spinach is full of antioxidants which prevent free radical damage that causes ageing and serious diseases like cancer. Not only this, spinach also boosts immunity, is great for our eyes, can be consumed by diabetics and provides ample nutrition to pregnant women. Chickpeas or chana are an excellent source of protein for vegetarians. They have ample fibre and iron content and have a low glycaemic index (GI) which means it is good for diabetics too. Make this yummy salad to reap in the benefits of all these healthy ingredients. Here is the recipe.

Crunchy munchy salad

This is an all-in-one healthy salad which combines various veggies and spices such as tomatoes, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, peanuts, sprouts, and various others. You can mix other ingredients you find in your fridge to make it a complete meal which can be had as a side or a healthy snack in the evening. It is nutritious, fibre-rich and full of healthy goodness. Find the recipe here.

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