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5 Step Guide For Men Over 40 To Build Stamina And Strength

5 Step Guide For Men Over 40 To Build Stamina And Strength
How Can Men Over 40 Stay Fit? Follow This 5 Step Guide

The age of 40 is very critical for men's health and fitness and is also the last window to turn your routine around!

Written by Kinkini Gupta |Updated : August 15, 2022 2:51 PM IST

The number one priority as you get older should be your health. When you cross age 40. Overlooking it would just mean carelessly inviting all kind of health problems in the near future. Age brings a lot of changes in the body. The changes and its intensity may be different for men and women but the solution to both is the same. Exercise! Without it, you will loose muscles, your metabolism will become slower and it will become very easy for your body to accumulate fat. Moreover, the lifestyle choices you made in your 20s and 30s will start to catch up to you when you are in your 40s.

Most of the time, men focus too much on muscle training and too less on cardio. Men over 40 should definitely nit make this mistake especially as they grow older. A combination of cardio, weight raining, diet is essential. But, above all cardio is the most important for men over 40. Doing only cardio is enough for overall health. It will build endurance and also benefit your heart health.

5 Step Guide For Men To Stay Fit After 40

If you are in your 40's, try this combination of cardio workouts and good diet.

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Keep A Fixed Schedule

Having a busy work schedule is normal but do not get sidetracked by them and skip your workout session. create a schedule that you can follow and keep up. This would also mean keeping realistic goals that will benefit you. As you age, over exerting yourself during workouts can also harm you. Keep your exercise simple and make sure you address the areas that require attention at this age, for example your cardiovascular health.

Focus On Endurance And Speed

Do not start off your routine by over exerting yourself. You might get injured or even burn out. Start slow, work on your stamina and as your endurance increases, increase the intensity of cardio as you see fit.

Try Variety Of Cardio Exercises

Doing the same cardio can get monotonous. Aside from the monotonous feeling, your body also gets used to the workouts that you do. When your body adapts to a certain kind of activity, it will burn less calories and slow down the impact of the workout. For people looking to loose weight, this might be a hindrance. Trying different varieties of cardio would impact the body and health more. You can try going for a long run one day and alternated it with long bicycle rides or hopping on exercise bike or stair climbing. You can try increasing the time and distance as well. At this stage, it is a good idea to push yourself and increase the intensity of cardio.

Recovery Days Are Important

Experts have warned to not over exert during a workout session. One day should be kept aside just for recovery. It will only help your muscles and rejuvenate your for the next session. Recovery sessions could also include low intensity walks or even nothing at all. You can schedule this according to how you feel. But, do not push yourself if you feel exhausted.

Focus On Muscle Building

As you age, you might loose muscles and your bone strength might also decrease. The only way to not let that happen is by following a good diet along with workout session. These two always go hand in hand. Regular protein intake is a must for muscle strength and also load up on other nutrients as well for your overall health.

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