5 new products that could revolutionise your fitness regime

5 new products that could revolutionise your fitness regime

An organic sports drink, a revolutionary dumbbell - these are some of the fitness products that will revolutionise healthcare.

Written by Agencies |Updated : June 10, 2014 3:12 PM IST

Fitness appsFIBO, Europe's leading trade fair for fitness, wellness and health, runs April 3-6 in Cologne, Germany. Each year industry leaders from all over the world scour this event for the latest health and fitness products, trends and other innovations. Here are some that will be on display at this year's fair.


Dumbbell2The Dumbbell2 may be the coolest dumbbell ever. Advertised as the 'next-generation dumbbell,' the product requires both hands for use, meaning you'll work muscles on both sides of the body equally. Designed to 'replace most gym machines and fitness tools,' Dumbbell2 promotes total body strengthening, core strengthening, high intensity training, balance and much more. Read more about the equipment.

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fitRABBIT Bio Sports Drink

Created by Voglsam GmbH, the leading manufacturer of organic juice in Austria, fitRABBIT is a 'bio sports drink' that features scientifically proven performance-enhancing effects and is said to quicken recovery time for athletes. With so many sugary sports drinks on the market, it should be interesting to see how an organic one fares.

Airex exercise mats

Tired of poor-quality exercise mats that don't offer much in the way of support and fall apart easily? Then check out the exercise mats from German manufacturer Airex AG. The company's some 50 years' experience in foam technology has resulted in a range of durable exercise mats designed to provide support while remaining 'soft and absorbing.' Because these mats are so very versatile, they can be used for a wide range of exercises as well as rehabilitation programs.


ArmpocketWhat health and fitness-related event would be complete without wearable gear? Designed 'by athletes for athletes,' the Armpocket allows users to take their smartphones with them while working out, and therefore track workouts, listen to music and stay connected. Ideal for those who don't want to leave their phones home while exercising, the product is designed to prevent slipping and remain comfortably attached to the arm. It also offers multiple compartments for storing items, and full-screen access. Here are 5 more fitness equipments that can help you stay fit.

Water Rider 5

Swimming is a great workout by itself, so it follows that using an exercise bike in a pool equals an amazing workout. The Water Rider 5 from French aqua-fitness equipment manufacturer Waterflex features 'a mechanical resistance system inspired by spinning bikes' and is one of numerous water-based equipment pieces from the company.

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