5 common excuses mothers give to avoid exercising and staying fit

What is your excuse for not exercising, mommies?

I have heard it from many mothers that pregnancy changed their body forever and there was hardly anything they could do about it. Then there are those body-perfect mommies whom we see everywhere on the social media platforms Facebook, Instagram etc who give us fitness goals. This made me want to know what those moms did differently. One difference that stood out strikingly was that they were different from us socialites, models, actresses with a great body and fitness routine pre-pregnancy which probably helped them bounce back easily. So if we start judging ourselves by looking at the likes of a Mallika Arora, Mandira Bedi or even Kareena Kapoor we lose the war against fat just there. Self-pity and frustration make us demotivated. This is when our mind starts to come up with excuses while our bodies are shrieking out for help. Here are 15 yoga asanas to do post-pregnancy to lose weight.

Recently, I took up exercise. Well, I am still a balloon at 80+ kg. But I realised once I stopped buying those excuses that my mind tried to impose on me things became quite easy. Then I figured out that there are some lame excuses and utterly worthless ones we fall for which prevent us from exercising. I spoke to a lot of mothers and from my own experience I can say these are a few of them:

I don t have time: This is an eternal excuse and mothers claim a copyright to it. We think only we are a kind of breed who has to manage everything in 24 hours. Well, the women (hot moms) whom we envy they too have that much time to call it a day. I am sure none of us can spend 4 hours working out at a gym like Kareena Kapoor to shed pregnancy fat, but we can do a lot if we can take out just 30 minutes for ourselves. There are mothers who have been there done that all around us. Come on mothers, think positively. If you can cook food and serve it on time every day, pack lunch boxes for kids and your spouse every day on time, take care of bills, groceries and ensure smooth functioning of the household, it isn t difficult to manage time for yourself. Just make yourself a priority once again. Here are five exercises to do with your baby when you are trying to lose weight.

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I need to care for the family: Of course, we all do and if we don t we know no one is going to do it for us. Now I am not going to tell you the clich that fit mothers can care for their family better, because I know women suffering from diabetes doing a lot more than others, purely out of choice. But taking care of family should never be at the expense of ignoring yourself. If you want to justify yourself that you are not being ignorant about the family at your own expense then cut down on the time you spend watching Netflix and lazying around. You can use that time for exercise.

I would rather spend that time sleeping: After two pregnancies, I have realised that there isn t much we can do about sleep. Accept that your restful sleep days are over. This helps to divert from the temptation of taking a nap when you have some time and probably do some yoga if you are not able to go for a jog, run or gym.

I don t have energy after all that work I do: My trick is simple: if you want to lose weight make a routine, 30 minutes either in the morning, afternoon or evening. A routine always helps, at least when you start.

I need to give my kids more time: Ask yourself an honest question, how much time are your kids spending with you than with the mobile or tablet? If you are trying to tell me that just sitting idle and watching your kids play with that phone is mothering, woman you are wrong. Instead, take them to a hobby class and while your kids aren't home trying to utilise that time running, jogging, going to the gym or do yoga.

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