4 signs you need new workout shoes

Working out in old shoes can lead to injury, and knowing the ideal time to change them is vital.

A lot of factors can determine how much wear and tear your shoe undergoes while you workout. The way you strike the shoe to the ground, your bodyweight, the shoe-design, distance run all can play a role in diminishing the efficacy of your shoe. Here are some signs that will tell you when you should buy new shoes.

1. They are too old

Ideally, you should change your shoes after running 500 to 650 kilometres. That means, that if you run 50 km a month, then you will need change it once every 10-12 months. While it's tough to count the distance you run, you can make an assumption based on the average distance you run daily.

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2. The soles have worn out

One good way to check if your shoes are too old is to press the midsole area and see if it feels softer than usual. If the sole of the shoe has started to get smoother than before, then it is a sign that you need to get a new pair.

3. If they feel extremely different from a new pair of shoe

One good practice that you can follow is to buy a new shoe after a few months of wearing your regular ones. After that, keep alternating between the two pairs every 15 days. If the new one feels extremely different from your regular one, then it is time you changed your shoes. Read about how you can avoid shoe bites.

4. If you feel pain in leg or joints

Long distance runner Ryan Hall told The New York Times, I know that my shoes could probably handle a couple of hundred more miles before they are worn out, but my health is so important to me that I like to always make sure my equipment is fresh. Hall changes his shoes twice a month after running 200 miles with one pair. If you are starting to feel pain in your leg, joints and other areas of the body, then be aware that your shoes may be the culprit and that you may need to change them. Read about the 8 diseases you can get if you wear the wrong type of shoes.

Once you've bought a new pair of shoes, then make sure you donate the old one to an orphanage or give it to someone needy. They may not be good enough for you, but for someone who has to walk bare feet, they may prove to be of great help.

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