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3 exercises to build stronger calves

Billy Garnon, Celebrity personal fitness trainer

Billy Garnon, Celebrity personal fitness trainer tells you about how to get bigger and stronger calves

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : May 4, 2018 1:26 PM IST

We all exercise to strengthen our back, core or shoulders. But, often we forget to strengthen our calves. Stronger calves are important for daily activities walking, running and so on. Building stronger and bigger calves is a concern for so many people struggling to make them look good in skirts and heels or shorts for the guys in summer, says Billy Garnon, Celebrity personal fitness trainer.

As per Billy Garnon, Calve muscles are actually made up of several muscle parts but we are only really concerned in 3 real parts -- the gastrocnemius muscle, the soleus muscle and the tibialis anterior muscle with 2 muscles placed on the back of the calf and one on the front just right beside shin bone. There are so many common mistakes that people make. They feel that to build stronger calves, they only need heavy weights and consistent repetitious behaviour."

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Let s look at 3 exercises listed by Billy Garnon for both men and women to build calf muscles:

1.Walking: Will elevate blood flow to our calves and as you walk you will go through some basic flexion/extension (moving your foot up and down) which in turn and over time, make them stronger.

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2.Seated calf raise machine: By starting on the seated calf raise machine or an alternate for the same you may see bigger improvements faster. The big muscle at the back of your calf is called the gastrocnemius and in most cases is the one that gets the least work. If you have a seated job i.e office work and so on. Or even a standing job i.e restaurants/chef, etc, think about how many times your gastrocnemius muscle squeezes and contracts. The whole aim here is to give the soleus (smaller muscle) a break during your workout so that you capitalize on the main part you look at. So, start on the seated calf raise and squeeze and contract that big muscle that your day to day life misses out on.

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3.Standing calf raise: This movement will also work the gastrocnemius but focus on the soleus and is a really good builder for strength and shape of the overall calf muscle. This is a particularly good exercise for the ladies reading this as it not only helps stretch and lengthen the muscle but tone and shape it too.

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