15 yoga poses to a beautiful bride!

Yoga can be the perfect way to make you look great and feel less anxious on your wedding day.

On your wedding day, you want to be looking and feeling the best, right? Dear bride, yoga is your way to go. The yoga asanas we are about to tell you will benefit your body, mind and soul so that you feel and look radiant on your wedding day. They will also help you stay more present, allowing you to soak up every moment on your big day. So, schedule a yoga class or perform these yoga asanas at home, recommended by celebrity yoga expert Sunaina Rekhi.

Yoga for toning and losing weight

Your days of bingeing are coming up so make sure that your abs are tight and toned. These yoga poses are designed to help you tone your entire body so that you can wear your dresses with confidence.

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Try to practice all these postures 3-4 times a week to get the desired results.

Yoga to get a flawless, glowing skin

One thing you definitely cannot give a miss is looking after your skin before your wedding day. Yoga can be a blessing for your skin. It can improve blood circulation and beat the stress levels giving you a flawless, glowing skin.

Perform these asanas in a series 3-4 times a week and make sure that you hold each of these postures for 20-25 seconds before you get to the next pose.

Yoga to beat pre-wedding stress

Stressed if the decorators are doing the job right or can t decide what wedding colours should you wear? Yoga can also be an excellent way to calm down a mind busy with crucial planning for the upcoming events. So flow through each of these powerful poses while breathing deeply.

First go slow with the yoga poses and then you can pick up once you are comfortable getting into the asanas.


  • Find a clean and isolated place for your yoga practice.
  • Invest in a yoga mat so that you don t hurt your wrists and knees while performing the asanas.
  • Perform some warm up poses like balasana or child s pose and parvatasana or mountain pose before getting into the asanas.

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