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11 interesting facts about Randeep Hooda’s fitness regime

11 interesting facts about Randeep Hooda’s fitness regime

Randeep Hooda is known for his fit body and raw sex appeal. Here's his fitness regimen.

Written by Kriti Saraswat |Updated : March 7, 2014 6:30 PM IST

Randeep-Hooda-fitnessRandeep Hooda is garnering rave reviews for his performance in the recently released Highway but the method actor is also known for his fit physique and rugged sex appeal. Here's what he does to maintain his physical fitness:

1. Haryana lad Randeep loves to work out in the gym alone so that he can concentrate solely on getting fit than indulge in socializing. His regimen is short but intense, lasting about 25-30 minutes.

2. Since he is not too fond of cardio, he prefers running on the treadmill while watching his favourite TV shows which not just diverts his attention from the running but also makes for a good cardiovascular workout.

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3. Though actors need to work on their complete physique, they do have parts which they hate working out on and Randeep's are his calves and abs but he loves having a chiselled chest and back.

4. His gym bag essentials are trainers, water, clean towel, fresh pair of socks and clothes.

5. The actor who is now busy with his next flick Kick, needs to gain 10 kg as the role demands him to look bulked-up, very different from his current lean frame. 'It is quite a task to continuously lose and gain weight. I will have to make changes in my diet and workout regime to do justice to the character,' says the actor.

6. Not a fan of the six-pack abs craze, the actor prefers to have a strong and fit core than count the number of packs on his abdomen.

7. The actor is also against bulking up just to look good. He believes one should eat right to have an agile body and also have an alert mind. His fitness mantra is to be able to do things one loves without losing breath.

8. But Randeep does have a weakness for chocolates and dairy products but he does have the ability to lose and gain weight quickly which works in his favour.

9. The Jism 2 actor believes that lovemaking is a great way to keep fit and sex sure has many health benefits.

10. The actor is also an equestrian and owns not one but five horses. A professional rider, he's taken part in various competitions at the national level and wishes to take up horse riding full-time once he's done with movies. Randeep's love for this sport is immense and he uses it to stay toned. It is not just an intense physical but mental exercise as well. But being with his horses is a stress-buster for the actor who considers his pets his pals.

11. According to Randeep, Akshay Kumar and Rahul Bose are the fittest of the lot in Bollywood.

We've seen him romance many leading ladies onscreen in his lean avatar but we can't wait to get a peek of his ripped look for Kick.

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