10 obvious signs you are putting on weight

Did you know that your joint pain and raised blood pressure could be an indication that you are gaining weight?

One thing that you might fail to notice is a slow and steady weight gain. You often ignore the fat gaining symptoms to such an extent that you have no clue that you have put on unless you step on a weighing scale. Here are 10 signs that will tell you that you need to lose weight.

#1 You are tired

If your routine tasks like grocery shopping and cooking exhaust you, you are probably gaining those extra pounds. Excess fat can cause inflammation in your body that can lead to a perpetual state of fatigue and tiredness.

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#2 You are always hungry

Craving for desserts and sweets and a significantly increased appetite could be a symptom of weight gain. Excessive body weight can make you stressed and depressed which in turn can increase your appetite. When you are stressed or depressed, the adrenal glands release the hormone cortisol, which increases appetite. Here are 8 weight loss snacks that you can carry to the office.

#3 You have high blood pressure

If you have a raised blood sugar or blood cholesterol level, it could be a clear indicator that you are putting on weight. A study carried out by researchers from American Heart Association suggested that high blood pressure may result due to small weight gains around the abdominal region in healthy adults.

#4 The circumference of your waist has increased

If your jeans do not fit like it used to, it is high time for you to lose those extra pounds. When you start putting on weight, the fat first tends to get stored around your hips and belly. Research by the Texas Health Science Center at San Antoni found that those who sit the whole day at office tend to first gain weight around their waist. Also, read how you can lose weight with kapalbhati pranayam.

#5 Your knees and back hurt

If your joints hurt, it is your body s way to alert you its time to lose weight. Excess fat can put pressure on the joints and wear down the tissue around them leading to pain and inflammation.

#6 You get breathless

If you experience breathlessness only by walking a short distance or taking a few stairs, it could be an obvious sign that you are overweight. Excess body weight can put a stress on your cardiovascular system making it difficult for your heart to supply enough oxygen to your body leading to breathlessness.

#7 You avoid physical activity

If you choose to take the elevator instead of the stairs, it could be a warning sign. Your weight can hold you back from actively moving and even going to the gym and exercising. Also, read how walking for ten minutes every three hours can help you lose weight.

#8 You snore in the night

If you snore in the night and rarely get a good night s sleep you may suffer from sleep apnea, a condition in which irregular breathing can disrupt your sleep. Your excess body weight can lead to this condition. This is because when your body stores fat around the neck, it can narrow the airway and cause pauses in breathing.

#9 You got stretch marks

Excess fat can lead the tissue beneath your skin to stretch. Some people tend to get stretch marks at the slightest gain of weight while others have resilient skin that can resist the stretching. Read how you can get rid of stretch marks.

#10 You have sore feet

Having a sore fight could be one of the sure signs that you are overweight since your feet carry all the weight of your body your feet gets sore and swollen. The swelling is caused due to a buildup of fluid in the tissues and this fluid collects mostly in the feet.

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