10 natural sources of vitamin C

10 natural sources of vitamin C

Include these in your diet to fulfil your vitamin C requirement.

Written by Kriti Saraswat |Published : May 15, 2014 11:04 AM IST

vitamin C sourcesVitamin C is important to keep us in good health. Not only it keeps the skin looking young, it also helps lower cholesterol levels, regulates blood sugar levels and has a host of other health benefits. Here are 10 food items rich in vitamin C content.


Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C. Not only are they available all around the year, they are easy on the pocket too. Even a single orange can fulfil 116% of your daily requirement of this vitamin. This means, you don't have to rely on supplements, just eat this juicy fruit every day. Read 10 reasons to eat an orange a day!

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If you thought orange was high in vitamin C, you will be surprised to learn that guavas contain much more of it. One guava can give you 209% of your daily requirement of vitamin C. And it contains only 38 calories. The only hitch is it is scarce in the summer months. Read Go guavas 10 reasons to eat this fruit!


Suck on lemons if you have vitamin C deficiency. Though a single lemon will only fulfil half of your daily requirement, you can eat more of it throughout the day. squeeze a lemon into a glass of warm water and start your day with it to gain its full benefits. Read Lemon and its health benefits.

Bell pepper

Love adding colourful bell peppers in your meals and salads? You will be glad to know that they contain 99% of your daily requirement worth vitamin C. The highest can be found in the yellow ones followed by red and green peppers.

Kale or karam sag

Kale, the new superfood in town popularised by Hollywood celebs surely comes loaded with a whole lot of vitamin C, 134% to be precise (1 cup). This makes it a preferred choice for many. You can have it in the form of chips or even juice.


Are you one of those who takes out broccoli from your dish? Well, you may want to reconsider the next time. This is because it is full of vitamin C content. Even a cup of chopped broccoli can give you 135% of your daily dietary requirement of vitamin C and has only 31 calories.


Load up on vitamin C by eating a cup full of papaya. This will give you 147% of vitamin C which means you are sorted for your quota of that day. Only pregnant mothers need to be cautious about consuming raw papaya. Read 11 health benefits of papayas.


They may not be in season the entire year but you should definitely stock up on them as they can fulfil your vitamin C requirement with ease. A cup of it contains 144% of daily dietary requirement. You can even freeze them for later consumption when they are not in season. Read 10 health benefits of strawberries.


Kiwi, a not so common fruit in India which is slyly finding its place in most supermarkets these days, has a whole lot of vitamin C content in it. If you find eating kiwis too boring, you can add them to a mixed fruit platter which will blend in its taste with other fruits.


We know no one will eat a whole pineapple in a single sitting but the good news is even a big enough slice will fulfil your vitamin C requirement as it has 132% of daily dietary requirement. Pineapples are easily available and have a sweet taste which means you can eat them as desserts while getting healthy.

Dietary requirements are based on a 2000-calorie diet, courtesy google.com

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