Your Sexual Experiences And 5 Other Important Things You Should Never Hide From Your Gynaecologist

Your Sexual Experiences And 5 Other Important Things You Should Never Hide From Your Gynaecologist
Your Sexual Experiences And 5 Other Important Things You Should Never Hide From Your Gynaecologist

Never hide these important things from your gynaecologist. They are the ones you need to see for all your doubts and confusions regarding all your sexual health-related problems.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : December 23, 2021 2:31 PM IST

In an ever-changing world with an increase in lifestyle changes and changes in health patterns, the need to check on our sexual health also becomes as necessary as any other aspect of our health. With more exposure and awareness around sex and a positive outlook being encouraged towards sex-ed. It becomes important and imperative for a woman to strike a conversation with her Obstetrician/Gynaecologist (OB/GYN). In simpler terms, the OB/GYN is a medical practitioner who specialises in female reproductive health, pregnancy, and childbirth. They are the ones you need to see for all your doubts and confusions regarding a menstrual problem, STI's, fertility issues, pregnancy, and almost everything that pertains to your sexual health. Having a trusted OB/GYN really helps you to navigate through your issues in a healthy and honest way.

Things You Should Never Hide From Your Gynaecologist

Here are 5 of the things you should comfortably discuss with your gynaecologist.

A Brief About Your Sexual Experiences

A very basic consultation with your gynaecologist would mean a brief introduction to your sexual experiences. There is absolutely no need for you to feel ashamed of explaining your sexual history. It's a very human and important aspect of your life that affects your sexual health. A gynaecologist as a medical practitioner wouldn't judge you for your choices, preferences, and the activities you indulge in. We just need to know the number of sexual partners you have and to know if you practice safe sex or not because all these factors would further help us to analyse your overall sexual health or medical condition if any.

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Discuss Your Menstrual Problems

Menstruation as a body process is not always comfortable for many. Some suffer from heavy bleeding with severe pain and nausea while some don't have periods for months together. All these abnormalities in your menstruation process require the immediate attention of a gynaecologist and a proper diagnosis for alleviation of the underlying symptoms. Menstrual pain often goes beyond cramps and headaches and can be due to endometriosis or uterine fibroid which requires attention and care to make it manageable.

Pregnancy Goals

Planning to get pregnant or looking for a birth control plan to not get pregnant for now? All these queries and discussions can be carried out with your trusted OB/GYN who reflects or understands your views around Pregnancy and your choices. It's good to discuss your pregnancy plans with your gynaecologist to better deal with the prospects of it. If you are planning to be on the pill, or want to give a thought about IUD, or are scared about that prospect. All these queries can be better discussed and dealt with by a gynaecologist. Also, if you wish to be pregnant and are having difficulties conceiving, such conversations need attention from a good gynaecologist who has an understanding of your medical history and who would present a set of options for you.

Sexually Transmitted Infections and Other Infections

Worried about that consistent itch down there or do you see a change in your vaginal discharge? It's better to see a gynaecologist and receive appropriate treatment. It's important for a sexually active woman to consult a gynaecologist at least once a year and get a proper examination done. Most of the STI's don't show symptoms quickly or don't show symptoms at all. If you see something unusual down there, a sore a bump, or even an unusual discharge please get examined by a gynaecologist and also ask for vaccines if any as a preventive measure for such diseases and about general vaginal health practices to steer clear of trouble.

Discuss Your Low Libido

Having a low libido or experiencing something like that is very less talked about among women. It's often shrugged under the carpet and never dealt with. It can very well be a possibility that any of the medicines you are consuming might be affecting your libido or maybe it's a disorder or after-effects of a known condition. Whatever it may be, it would be wise to check with your gynaecologist to look for appropriate treatment. If the cause for your lack of arousal or low libido is external factors like work stress or other stressors, then your gynaecologist might direct you to a psychologist who will help you in improving your mindset around it, help you in coping with external stressors and your overall libido.

(This article has been written byDr. Vinita Sawhney, Gynaecologist, Consults at MY LYF CARE App)