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Your makeup could give you a stye and other eye infections

Find out which of your makeup habits are giving you that painful stye.

Written by Tania Tarafdar |Published : February 2, 2017 12:54 PM IST

If you keep getting sties, it can be worth asking yourself if your makeup is causing those sties. Yes, makeup can make you feel beautiful, but if you are not careful with the products you use and how you use them, you could fall prey to their side effects. A stye is commonly a Staphylococcus eye infection, but you can avoid the infection by keeping a close watch on your makeup, says dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah.

A sty develops when bacteria gets trapped in the openings of the gland along your eyelids causing a bump that becomes painful, red and swollen. So if you share your makeup products and brushes with someone who has just had the bacterial eye infection, you could develop a stye too. Also, sleeping with your liner on can lead to a stye as the bacteria can feast on the lingering makeup particles. You may also want to get rid of your old makeup products as the longer you use a product, the easier it is for the bacteria to get into your makeup potentially causing eye infections. Here are expert-recommended ways to prevent a stye or an eye pimple.

Tips to treat a stye

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While it may be tempting to squeeze a stye, squeezing may just push the bacteria deeper. To deal with a stye, avoid eye makeup altogether as eye makeup carry bacteria and can lead to another stye. If you are trying to reduce the pain and swelling caused by a stye, you can dip a green tea or any herbal tea bag into hot water and place it on your eyes. Let the tea bag cool down a little for a few seconds, so it is warm and not too hot when it comes in contact with your eyelid. This form of warm compression will help in reducing the infection. Here are other home remedies that will help.

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