Your heart will thank you if you have this fruit every day

A 28-gram serving of prunes comes with 67 calories, 18g carbs, 2g fibre and 11g sugar. Moreover, it is rich in minerals like potassium, copper and manganese as well as vitamin K. @Shutterstock

Elevated cholesterol levels and high blood pressure potentially increase your risk of cardiac issues. New study says that one particular fruit can keep these in check and give you a healthy heart.

High levels of cholesterol, a wax-like substance, and raised blood pressure are the markers of an ailing heart. Both these physiological factors narrow down your arteries alongside hardening them. These conditions make it difficult for your heart to pump sufficient amount of blood and increase your vulnerability to cardiac ailments. There are two types of cholesterol: Good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). While LDL lines your arterial walls reducing the blood flow, good cholesterol counters this process by transporting LDL to the liver. Fortunately, a healthy diet can safeguard your heart from these harmful mechanisms a new research suggests that prunes, or dried plums, can actually keep your cholesterol and blood pressure levels under control.


According to a study published in the Journal of Ayub Medical College Abbottabad, prunes reduce your risk of heart disease by bringing down your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It found that people who drank prune juice and had three to six prunes for breakfast through 2 months had noticeably lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure compared to those who didn't. Other studies have also found that the levels of this wax-like substance have gone down significantly in men who ate 12 prunes every day for 8 weeks.

Plums and their dried version, prunes, come with two unique phytonutrients: Neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These help in lowering LDL in the body. Moreover, they are also rich in soluble fibre which controls the amount of cholesterol produced by the liver. All these factors combine together to give you a healthy heart.

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A 28-gram serving of prunes comes with 67 calories, 18g carbs, 2g fibre and 11g sugar. Moreover, it is rich in minerals like potassium, copper and manganese as well as vitamin K. Apart from protecting your heart, prunes come with a plethora of health benefits.

Reduces your risk of type 2 diabetes

The soluble fibre in prunes slows down the absorption of sugar in your bloodstream. Moreover, it helps your body utilise insulin more effectively. This hormones plays a key role in regulating your blood sugar level.

Helps you maintain a healthy body weight

High amount of fibre in prunes keeps you full for long in lower calories. Moreover, they prevent you from overeating. All these factors help you in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Relieves constipation

These fruits are know for their ability to cure constipation, thanks to their high fibre content. This nutrient helps in increasing the speed at which waste products move through your digestive tract. Moreover, it adds bulk to your stool. Add to this the fact prunes are rich in a sugar alcohol known as sorbitol which functions as a natural laxative. However, don't go overboard on this fruit. It may lead to diarrhoea. Limit your intake to 100-200 grams per day.

Improves bone health

Several studies have shown that prunes bring down your chance of getting bone health conditions like osteoporosis and osteopenia. Both these ailments lead to low bone density. A growing body of research suggests that prunes not only inhibit bone loss, but can also reverse it. Though researchers haven't yet been able to figure out the mechanism behind these positive effects of prunes on our bones, they speculate that their antioxidants and ability to control inflammation play a key role in the whole process.


It's easy to add these nutritious fruits to your diet. You can have them whole or add them to your smoothies and salads too. You can also have prunes in the form of a juice.

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