Yoga to help you recover from jaundice

Yoga helps you beat negative emotions like anger and stress that deplete the Prana or life force in a weak body.

To treat jaundice, you should work on three levels-mental, physical and dietary level. Since during jaundice, you feel weak, you should take care of your mind, even if the body is suffering. A human being is a complex blend of the body and mind. When the body has a disease, it affects the state of mind, and when the mind is burdened, it affects the energy level in the body. If you can practice something to keep the mind positive and relaxed, like- meditation, you can help your body regain its lost immunity. When suffering from jaundice, you must refrain from anxiety, stress, irritation and anger because these negative emotions deplete the Prana or life force in an already weak body. Yoga can not only boost your immunity and make you feel energised but also help you deal with negative emotions. According to Gaurav Verma, Regional Director, Delhi, Art of Living Yoga, here s how you can use yoga to recover from jaundice.

When you have jaundice, you should channelize the energy in the body through asanas or yoga poses, pranayamas, and dhauti kriyas to get rid of the excess secretion of bile in the liver, which is the primary cause of jaundice. Some of the asanas that can be practised to vitalize liver functions are:

  • Baddha padmasana: This asana helps tone and strengthen your abdominal organs especially the liver.
  • Sarvangasana: It also helps strengthen the liver, kidneys and respiratory system. Also, perform these yoga poses for a healthy liver and stronger immunity.
  • Matsyasana: This asana not only boosts birth circulation to your head but also tones all your abdominal organs and eliminate toxins.
  • Ujjayi breathing: Ujjayi breath brings relaxation in the body and mind immediately.
  • Yoga nidra: Yoga nidra or yogic sleep proves to be a good relaxing technique for the body and mind and replenish the body naturally, helping it get proper restful sleep.
  • Vaman dhauti: Vaman dhauti is the process of vomiting by stimulating the root of your tongue with index and middle finger. This process helps get rid of excess bile and gas in the elementary canal.

Consulting an Ayurvedic physician compliments getting rid of jaundice in short period, since Ayurveda addresses the cause of the disease in the body instead of just eliminating the symptoms. You should avoid what Ayurveda calls tamasic food which is oily, fried food or fast food that is heavy on the digestive system. These 8 Ayurvedic herbs can help treat jaundice.

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