World Stroke Day: Are medicines the only treatment option for brain stroke?

Read to know how can stroke be treated.

World Stroke Day is observed on the 29th of October every year. This year the theme is what is your reason for preventing a stroke?

Unlike popular belief, medicines are not the only treatment option to deal with stroke. Depending on the severity of the condition and the symptoms presented by a person, your doctor might recommend a range of treatment options including home care and physiotherapy. Dr Rima Khanna, Associate Consultant-Neurology, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh shares few inputs on how stroke is treated apart from taking medications but before that know about the different types of stroke. Here's more on home care for stroke survivors.

  • Haemorrhagic stroke: An artery may rupture and cause bleeding into the brain tissue. Also called a cerebral haemorrhage.
  • Ischaemic stroke caused by atherosclerosis: An artery may become blocked by progressive thickening of its walls.
  • Ischaemic stroke caused by embolism: A clot blocks an artery and prevents blood from getting into the parts of the brain.

Here are few treatment options for stroke.

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Physiotherapy: If a stroke causes damage to the part of the brain that controls movement one may experience weakness or paralysis on one side of the body. Physiotherapy is an important part of the rehabilitation process. The main focus of physiotherapy is to move the legs and arms again and regain as much strength and movement as possible.

Behavioural Treatment: A stroke patient might undergo behavioural problems like depression and anxiety. It is important to ensure that they feel encouraged and supported. Making them a part of a support group is one way to enable them to handle their emotions. Enabling them to communicate with people who have similar conditions is important and effective.

Medical Documentation: Ensuring that the patients medical needs are taken care of in an effective manner is very important. The medications and behavioural changes have to be monitored. Stem cell therapy is also in the news as an effective treatment option to improve the quality of life after a stroke. Here's everything you should know about stem cell therapy for stroke.

This world stroke day, let's spread awareness about the condition. Stroke might be the beginning of an epidemic in India if left unattended. Inadequately controlled by hypertension and diabetes, poor lifestyle choices and lack of awareness are the major contributors to the rising numbers.

Read to know more on rehabilitation tips for stroke patients.

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