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Read about how a woman donated one of her kidneys to her dying husband on valentines day.

How far would you go for loveMar 13 World Kidney Day

'Together in sickness and in health', this is what couples promise each other but we rarely see people actually keeping their words. But, Indore's Ram and Jyoti Prajapati and Jabalpur's Prashant and Vaishali Vishwakarma have proved that even in today's world, where love is waning there are still couples who would go to any lengths for their beloved. The couples stood strong in the face of adversity and set an example for the world to follow.

For both the couples, valentine week was never synonymous with flowers, chocolates and teddies. But, they did honour St Valentine when both the women gave their husbands, the gift of life by letting go of an organ of their own body. It was a huge blow to take when both the families came to know about the men's kidney disorder, but after a rigorous search, they found out each other perfect for the swap transplant that was conducted by Dr Sandeep Saxena on Tuesday. Jyoti donated her kidney to Prashant and Vaishali's kidney was found perfectly matching with Ram's and instantly the decision about the transplant was made, and operation was conducted bang in the middle of the valentine week when the world was busy confessing love, buying expensive gifts and sending cheesy text messages.

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While the kidney recipients were unavailable to talk, the donors agreed to talk to After Hrs post the surgery. 'How is my husband, did you get to see him?,' was the first question they instantly popped up, the pain of not getting to meet their husbands after the surgery, evident in their voice. While both the ladies have been instructed strict bed rest as the recovery from surgery is painful and difficult, the only thing that hurts them more is their husbands suffering from more pain.

Covering it all by their sweet smiles, the women refused to talk about their pain, their suffering and their sacrifice. 'There's nothing extra special that we did. Besides, it's hardly a sacrifice as we have received in return much more than we have got. Life is certainly much more precious than an organ, isn't it?' they smiled.

In just two days, they confessed, they have learnt how to deal with much difficult problems than they ever had to face. From enduring pain, to wondering about their husband's health and to explaining to their little kids why mumma-papa aren't home, the ladies have taken the front seat in handling it all. 'I have been telling my kids from four-five days that we would not be home for a week and daddy would be not 100% fine when he comes home so they shouldn't bother him much. They are too young to understand what exactly has happened,' said a teary-eyed Jyoti. 'I told my kid about the operation, she did not understand a thing but she has been constantly enquiring on phone if I am in pain.I don't want her to visit the hospital, it would be too much for her to take,' confessed Vaishali.

Both of them are bed ridden, but could be noticed constantly trying to get up and start moving-motivation for which is too strong. 'For six months, we need to take care of our husband till they revert to the normal life. We cannot afford to be ill-fit for that,' said the women, despite a clear instruction of getting bed rest for a month at least.

However amidst all the pain, they have found their own share of happiness, apart from what they would feel when they see their husband healthy and fit. 'Only both of us could understand what exactly are we going through. It has created a bond for the lifetime,' said Jyoti. Her feelings are echoed by Vaishali who has just not found a friend but has also gotten love of a mother and sister from Jyoti's relatives.

'No woman could come from my family for the operation, but Jyoti's mother does not make me feel the lack. She is there for me as much as she is for her daughter. I would never be able to repay this for the rest of my life,' said Vaishali as both the women shared a smile together and silently communicated with eachother their feelings of having found a friend at the time of need, indeed.

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