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World Immunization Week 2018: why is it important?

Immunization helps save millions of individuals all over the world, protecting them from illnesses and disabilities.

Written by Editorial Team |Published : April 30, 2018 12:29 PM IST

Immunization is vital for any person, whether a child or an adult. Immunization prevents us from various illness and diseases, which could not have been possible a few years ago. According to Dr Vasant Nagvekar, Infectious Disease Specialist, Global Hospitals, here is why the week is of significance.

Immunization is one of the most vital inventions in the field of health. As a result, World Immunization Week is celebrated worldwide to highlight the importance of vaccination. The theme for this year s World Immunization Week is Protected Together #VaccinesWork and is celebrated from 24th to 30th of April. Immunization helps save millions of individuals all over the world, protecting them from illnesses and disabilities and improving the life quality in general.

What is Immunization?

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Immunization is a safe and a cost-effective way of protecting you and your family against serious diseases. The process of receiving vaccine and then becoming immune to a disease is called immunization in simple words. World Health Organization (WHO) defines immunization as, 'the process whereby a person is made immune or resistant to an infectious disease, typically by the administration of a vaccine. Vaccines stimulate the body s own immune system to protect the person against subsequent infection or disease.'

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What does the theme Protected Together #VaccinesWork mean?

The idea behind the theme is to build awareness around the fact that greater action on immunization is needed around the world, with a particular focus on spotlighting the role that everyone can play in this effort, from donors to individuals. Vaccination is vital for any country. Every country aims at sustainable development and prioritises the health of its citizens. The goal of World Immunization Week is to showcase immunization s role in sustainable development and global health security as well.

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What is the importance of immunization for kids and adults?

  • Vaccination is of high importance. Diseases like amputation of an arm or leg, paralysis of limbs, hearing loss, convulsions, brain damage, and death can be cured by vaccination.
  • Throughout your adult life, vaccines are recommended for protection against seasonal flu, pertussis, etc.
  • Vaccination is not just protecting the patients; it also for protecting all the people around them.
  • From infancy to old age, vaccination can help curbing numerous amounts of illnesses including mumps, yellow fever, smallpox, rinderpest, polio and malaria.
  • It also aids in preventing viral hepatitis, and improving adolescent health in general.
  • Vaccines are one of the most convenient, cost effective and safest preventive care measures available which offer great health benefits.
  • Vaccination has eliminated many diseases and illnesses that killed or severely disabled people just a few years ago. For example, smallpox vaccination has eradicated that disease all over the world.

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