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World Hepatitis Day 2018: Suffering from hepatitis C? Know what to eat and delete

You should include protein-rich foods to stay healthy.

Written by Aishwarya Vaidya |Updated : July 28, 2018 1:51 PM IST

Hepatitis C is a contagious, viral liver disease that causes inflammation and infection of the liver. After being infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV), one can develop this condition which can be acute or chronic. Till now, there is no vaccination to cure it. The symptoms can be a loss of appetite, fever, joint pain and jaundice. One can get hepatitis C due to blood transfusions, sharing needles, during organ transplants and so on.

However, it can be treated by medication and including foods which can help you to improve your overall well-being. Also, one has to keep his/her weight in check. dealing with hepatitis C can be challenging. But, you can control your diet and help yourself. Give up your unhealthy food habits and eat a well-balanced diet to stay in top shape. Here, we tell you what you should eat and avoid. Do follow these diet tips which will help you to recover quickly.

Include protein

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Liver cells damaged by hepatitis C can be repaired and replaced by proteins. So, eat, fish, nuts, egg and soy products.

Include dairy products

You can opt for yoghurt, and cheese, which are a good source of proteins and calcium.

Include whole grains

You can eat oats, brown rice and so on, as whole grains are loaded with fibres, vitamin B, iron and magnesium.

Remember: Cut down on alcohol, smoking, spicy, fatty, oily, canned and processed foods. Also, reduce your salt intake. For people with cirrhosis, it can be dangerous as it can raise their blood pressure. Say no to sugar as it can lead to weight gain. You can opt for fresh fruits.

Dos and dont's

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

Choose lean protein sources like fish, tofu, lentils and so on.

Include colourful vegetables in your diet.

Eat fibre rich diet like nuts, seeds, peas, berries and so on.

Don't go overboard. See to it that you don't overeat.

Avoid potato chips and candies as they are the foods with empty calories.

No sipping on carbonated drinks.

Maintain a healthy calorie intake.

Seek your expert's advice: You should talk to your expert about what kind of a diet you should follow. Exercise can help you to build a strong immune system. Opt for any physical activity of your choice. You can do running, swimming, walking and jogging. Stay healthy!

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