World Homeopathy Day: Can homeopathy help you in case of depression?

Dependence on antidepressants can have devastating consequences. Can homoeopathy help you break free from it? Dr Shreepad Khedekar explains.

It is good to see that the world is slowly waking up to the dangers of depression and the effect it can have on everyone involved. Strangely, not much is said about the devastating effects conventional treatment methods can have on the depressed person's psyche. Traditional treatment calls for psychotherapy and in some cases, medicating the individual with antidepressants. But long term usage of these medicines can cause a lot of damage not only to the body but also to the mind of the depressed person. The matter gets worse when the person experiences withdrawal symptoms on stopping these medicines. Side effects of antidepressants can be devastating, ranging from weight gain to sexual problems. It is almost counterintuitive to use these drugs to cure depression.

Caregivers find themselves in a dilemma, having to choose between the evils of the condition and the side effects of the medication. At such times, we need a holistic approach towards treating depression, one that understands the fragilities of the individual s psyche and ensures that the root of the problem is addressed and not just the symptoms: Homeopathy. Read why it is important to stop romanticising depression.

The main causes of depression according to homeopathy

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Abuse- Past physical, sexual, or emotional abuse can increase the vulnerability to clinical depression later in life. These causes can strike the subject young, as early as in first five years after birth in most cases.

Medication- Some allopathic medications can have a profound effect on the individual s mood. Some drugs, such as isotretinoin (used to treat acne), the antiviral drug interferon-alpha, and corticosteroids, can increase your risk of depression. These drugs cause suppression of natural defence mechanisms and hence lead to depression.

Conflict- Depression in someone who has the biological vulnerability to develop depression may result from personal conflicts or disputes with family members or friends.

Death or a loss- Sadness or grief, from the death or loss of a loved one, though natural, may increase the risk of depression.

Genetics- A family history of depression may increase the risk.

Major events- Even good events such as starting a new job, graduating, or getting married can lead to depression. So can moving, losing a job or income, getting divorced, or retiring.

Other personal problems- Problems such as social isolation due to other mental illnesses or being cast out of a family or social group can contribute to the risk of developing clinical depression.

Serious illnesses- Sometimes depression co-exists with a major illness or may be triggered by another medical condition.

Substance abuse- Nearly 30 percent of people with substance abuse problems also have major or clinical depression.

How does homoeopathy address depression?

The focal point of homoeopathic treatment is the individual as a whole and not just his symptoms. It works towards freeing the sufferer from forming a life-long dependency on antidepressants. The treatment is tailor-made to tackle the underlying emotional causes that are triggering the depression. Here are some important homoeopathic remedies for specific emotions as a reaction to stressful situations.

  • Suppressed anger - Aconite, Aurum metallicum, Belladona, Coffea cruda, Nux-vomica, Bryonia, Chamomila, Sulphur, Veratrum album
  • Loss of a loved one (man or pet)- Aurum metallicum, Belladona, Hyocyamus, Ignatia, Natrum-mur, Causticum, Antimonium crudum, Phosphoric acid
  • Joy (increased serotonin and endorphin)- Opium, China, Coffea, Aconite, Pulsatilla
  • Loss in Business/Money/Prestige- Arnica, Rhust-tox, Veratrum album, Sarsaparilla, Arsenicum Album, Calcarea Carbonica, Ignatia, Nux-vomica

These remedies are safe for use and are devoid of any devastating side effects associated with antidepressants. They are neither harmful in the long run but nor habit forming. But it is important that they have to be taken under the guidance of an expert homoeopath as the constitutional picture must match holistically.

Dr Shreepad Khedekar has treated world famous Tennis Star Novak Djokovic for asthma. Has also cured many European football stars playing the European Premier League. Has his own practice in Europe and believes in research, has submitted hundreds of case studies to most important medical journals internationally. He is an internationally acclaimed physician, teacher, researcher, and author. He has written four books on Homeopathy. He specialises in handling severe and complex pathologies by using a simple yet effective holistic approach. Being an internationally recognised teacher on the subject of understanding the genetic basis of homoeopathic treatment, he is aggressively and diligently striving to make the treatment of difficult and incurable diseases successful, economically. He firmly believes that the answer to most chronic conditions lies in the stressful events that one has suffered from. He will give you the best advice and a guaranteed result. He operates through his clinics in Dadar and Belgrade and is also a consultant at Shushrusha Hospital, Mumbai.

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