World Environment Day: Reducing The Health Risks Of Air Pollution With Innovative Technologies

On this World Environment Day, it is time to acknowledge the dangers posed by air pollution and actively use technologies to fight this danger.

The concern over the quality of air that we breathe has deepened over the years due to the increasing pollution levels and global warming. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that nearly 9 out of 10 people across the world breathe in polluted air. India stands at a huge risk as 22 cities are amongst the world's 30 most polluted cities as reported by the World Air Quality Report 2020 compiled by IQ Air Visual. On this World Environment Day, it is time to acknowledge the fact that we, as humans, contribute immensely to the air pollution levels in our environment by utilizing energy to drive our vehicles, power our data centers and houses, and to travel. Everything we use was manufactured in factories and industrial units that contribute a major chunk to the existing air pollution levels.

The adverse side effects of inhaling the polluted air ranges from allergies, cough, cold, chest congestion to chronic diseases like asthma, COPD, lung infection, pulmonary cancer, and pneumonia along with reduced life expectancy just to name a few. For some part, the global pandemic turned out to be a blessing in disguise with the nationwide lockdown resulting in empty roads that in turn brought down the air pollution levels drastically. However, with the unlocking and businesses attempting to resume working in the new normal, the situation has reversed to pre-pandemic levels, with the air quality further deteriorating.

Role of new technologies in improving urban air quality

We currently live in a technology-driven era where state-of-the-art technical solutions rule all spheres of our life. It is these technological innovations that are attempting to improve the overall air quality, especially in urban areas. Presently, technology has become an enabler and is helping us address the dire issue of air pollution. It aids in identifying its sources, measuring it in a better manner, and develop sound policies.

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New devices can stop airborne transmission of COVID-19 too

The corona virus has wreaked havoc on our lives. Since the time of its outbreak, scientists and researchers have been trying to understand its origin and causes. Scientific studies have proven that Covid-19 majorly is airborne, which is what makes it highly contagious. Inventive technologies have been employed to create devices that help contain the airborne spread of coronavirus through real-time sterilization of the air by rupturing the SARS-CoV-2 virus and reducing it by 99 per cent. These devices prevent the transmission of viruses inside any spaces and thereby, promote low-cost purification of air in enclosed spaces like hospitals, cafeteria, laboratories, and banks etc. They further have the capacity to deactivate bacteria, fungus, and microbes.

Shifting to cleaner fuels can help minimise health risks

On this World Environment Day, it is important to point out that opting to use cleaner fuels for all purposes domestic to professional in the form of biogas, ethanol and liquid petroleum gas can help minimize health risks and achieve the goal of a cleaner and purified air.

Solar and wind energy can also help immensely

Apart from that, using solar and wind-based energy products is another viable tech-savvy solution that can bring us one step closer to enhancing the quality of the air that we breathe. Moreover, there are various innovative products entering the market that provide services of emission controller for diesel generators, solar-powered products, anti-pollution vacuum cleaners, and anti-pollution cleaners which can further help in purifying the air around us.

Acknowledging the dangers of air pollution

It's time we realize the severity of air pollution and the health risks associated with it on this World Environment Day. A shift in our mindset and a change in our lifestyle towards sustainable products can decrease the stress on our environment and reduce air pollution levels by huge margins. With the greatest of technological innovations by our side designed with the requisite features, we can combat the menace of air pollution and breathe in fresh air, the sine-qua-non of a healthy life.

(This article is authored by Mr Sujesh Sugunan, CEO, All About Innovations)

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