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World Environment Day 2021: Eco-friendly habits your health will thank you for

But it will reflect on sustainable architecture, food sourcing, cultivation, meal preparations, eating habits etc. This includes a clean environment, gardening as a therapy, natural aromas and fragrances, sustainable and organic clothing, natural and non-toxic cookware, and many more.

You can contribute to a cleaner and safer environment by changing your lifestyle. Today, on the occasion of World Environment Day, here are a few tips for you.

Written by Jahnavi Sarma |Updated : June 5, 2021 8:00 PM IST

You can contribute to a clean and safe environment by changing your lifestyle to an eco-friendly one. This will also improve your health and fitness significantly, Today, on the occasion of World Environment Day, acquaint yourself with some of the habits of modern lifestyle that can add to environmental pollution. A, United Nations initiative, countries across the world have been observing June 5 as World Environment Day since 1974. The aim of this day is to spread awareness and encourage initiatives for the protection of our environment. The theme this year is "Biodiversity" and Colombia is hosting the celebration in partnership with Germany.

Let us see how you can contribute to a cleaner and safer environment by being more eco-friendly today on the occasion of World Environment Day.

Go for organic food

Most food farms use chemicals that are harmful for the environment. Try to incorporate more locally grown, organic foods to your diet. This will also boost your health and save you from many chronic ailments. Pesticides seep into the soil and pollute the land. Moreover, transport of these foods over long distances contribute to environment pollution. So if you switch your food habits, your health, the environment and your local economy will benefit significantly.

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Take up gardening

This is a great way to increase your fitness levels. Gardening is fun and easy. You can also grow your own herbs and spices. A few vegetables can also be grown on a small patch of land or in flower pots. You will be able to have healthy foods that you grow yourself. And, pottering around the garden or tending to your plants will also increase your level of physical activity.

Avoid switching on the light during the day

Artificial light comes with a lot of health hazards. A recent study says that artificial light at night may increase the risk of breast cancer in post-menopausal women. So, during the day, let the light in and avoid switching on your artificial lights. You will be saving energy and keeping health conditions at bay. Natural light will also correct your circadian rhythm and help you sleep better at night. It will improve mood and keep mental diseases like stress and anxiety at bay. You will also get vitamin D from sunlight which will make your bones stronger.

Choose your cleaning products with care

Most household cleaning products are laden with harmful chemicals that can not only affect your health but also have an impact on the air you breathe. Avoid products that contain ammonia, chlorine bleach, and other chemicals. These evaporate during and after use. It has a negative impact on the air you breathe, which ups your risk of many diseases including lung cancer. So always read the label carefully before making any purchase. Instead of these chemicals, use home made cleaning agents. Baking soda, lemon, vinegar and olive oil are natural cleaners that you can use.

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