World Diabetes Day 2018: This endocrine disorder is linked to depression

World Diabetes Day 2018: This endocrine disorder is linked to depression
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As we celebrate World Diabetes Day today, this is what you need to know about the relation between diabetes and depression and how both the conditions can be tackled at the same time. Here is a list of simple hacks to help you cope with both the conditions together.

Written by Sreemoyee Chatterjee |Updated : November 14, 2018 3:23 PM IST

In case you are not aware of the link between diabetes and depression, this is something you should not miss on World Diabetes Day. According to experts, if you are suffering from diabetes, either type 1 and type 2, you may be at an increased risk of developing depression. However, there is nothing much to worry as both these conditions can be treated together. Also, doctors say that if you know the trick of managing one condition effectively, you can have a positive effect on the other.

Speaking about how both these conditions are related to each other, doctors highlight an array of co-relation between diabetes and depression. According to them, the process of managing diabetes can be stressful and can usher in symptoms of depression, diabetes can bring about complications that may worsen the symptoms of depression. Also, depression can result in poor lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, increased smoking and more that can act as risk factors for diabetes. In addition to these, depression also adversely impact your ability to perform tasks, communicate and think clearly and can act as a barrier in efficiently managing diabetes. Here are few effective hacks of managing both the conditions together.

Go for diabetes self-management programmes: Focusing on patient's behaviour, these programs have proved to be successful in helping people enhance their metabolic control, improve fitness levels and manage weight loss and other cardiovascular disease risk factors.

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Psychotherapy can be of help: It is a cognitive behavioural therapy that ensures remarkable improvement in depression and also bring about an enhanced and better diabetes management.

Medications and lifestyle changes manage them better: In case you are looking to improve both the conditions, try out for certain medications for both depression and diabetes and go for lifestyle modifications like various therapies along with daily exercise and good food habits for tackling diabetes and depression together.