Why you should take a bath after solar eclipse and other rules explained

Right from fasting and taking a bath to putting durva grass in water, here is the science behind the dos and don'ts during a solar eclipse.

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Fast during the solar eclipse.

Put durva grass in water containers.

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Do not store cooked food during the eclipse.

Take a bath after the eclipse.

These are some common dos and don ts that astrologers (and even the elders) recommend following during a solar eclipse. Many follow these rules without even questioning, while others ignore, stating it as eclipse hysteria . But in reality, following these desi traditions of solar eclipse is good for your overall health. Wondering why? Here are scientific reasons.

#1 Put durva grass in water containers and food.

Commonly known as darbha, this sacred grass is put in water during an eclipse as it purifies the water, so the astrologers believe. Backing this belief, an article published in BioNanoScience in 2015 states that disinfecting ability of durva grass is due to the micro features present on the grass surface [1]. During a solar eclipse, lack of sunlight triggers the multiplication of bacteria and hence adding durva grass to food prevents spoilage of fermentable food. Hence, durva leaves are placed in water or on fermentable food as they reduce microbial load and prevent the food and water from contamination during the eclipse phase. Here are top 9 health benefits of durva grass.

#2 Do not store cooked food during the eclipse.

The bactericidal ultraviolet and blue radiations are unavailable to the earth during the eclipse, which trigger bacterial growth thereby leading to bacterial accumulation [1]. So if you store cooked food during the eclipse, there are high chances of food contamination, which might lead to food poisoning and stomach infections. Hence as a preventive measure, it is recommended not to store cooked food as there are high chances of contamination.

#3 Have a bath after the eclipse is over.

People believe that taking a bath before and after a solar eclipse might erase the unholy shadow of Rahu and avoid its ill-effects. But in reality, a bath after the eclipse is recommended because taking a shower helps you to eliminate toxins. Also, as lack of proper sunlight during the solar eclipse triggers the multiplication of microbes, taking a bath decreases the bacterial and viral load, thereby lowering your risk of infection due to bacterial growth [2]. Also read about significance of abhyanga snan Holy bath during Diwali!

#4 Fast during the eclipse.

Eclipse induced gravity waves cause a lot of changes in the cosmic radiations and reduction in the ozone layer concentration, which ultimately affects the living species on the earth [2]. Moreover, lack of sunlight during the eclipse period also strengthens the bio-magnetic fields of the humans, which in cause a lot of disturbance in the stomach. Hence, to avoid chemical reactions in the body it is advised to fast during the eclipse. Also, chanting mantras keep your mind at peace and also aid in purifying personal vibrations. Also, read about 4 things fasting does to your body (and they re all good!).


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