Diabetes FAQ: Is skipping breakfast really a bad idea?

Why can't a diabetic simply have a brunch, or a heavy lunch.

Yes, of course as mentioned in the question itself, it is a really bad idea to skip breakfast, more so if you are a diabetic. Skipping breakfast could mean that your blood sugar level can go for a toss for the entire day and then it could be a problem to get your blood glucose level in control. If you are wondering why breakfast is so important for you to control your blood sugar level here are the reasons:

Your liver can be over productive: When you are asleep at night, your liver releases glucose into the blood for your body to perform certain physiological functions. But the liver doesn t realise that there is already an excess of glucose in your blood stream, given your health condition. However, the pancreas doesn t behave in tandem with your liver to help you distribute the glucose evenly throughout the body. So there is an excess of blood glucose in your body in the morning. However, unless you eat a healthy low-carbohydrate breakfast, it isn t possible for your blood glucose to come within the normal range. Here is an inspirational story of a woman who could reverse diabetes.

Your pancreas needs the right signals: When you eat your breakfast, the food breaks down into glucose that gives the pancreas a signal to produce more insulin and help in distribution of the glucose. When you are active after a healthy breakfast, chances are your blood sugar readings will come down to a decent number. But if you skip breakfast, it will only shoot up. Here are 14 foods that can help you fight diabetes better.

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In fact, eating a healthy breakfast will help to feel satiated and limit binge eating throughout the day. Some studies have shown that skipping breakfast increases your blood sugar levels up to 37 percent in the morning, which could be dangerous if your condition is chronic. In fact, the reading remained high up to 27 percent even during dinner time. This means not only breakfast, skipping any meal is a bad idea for diabetics.

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