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Why Mental Health of Mothers Is a Cause of Concern: Expert Explains

Why Mental Health of Mothers Is a Cause of Concern: Expert Explains
Why Mental Health of Mothers Is a Cause of Concern: Expert Explains

Dear mothers, it is okay to feel mentally low. It is okay to not be ok.

Written by Satata Karmakar |Updated : May 17, 2023 10:37 AM IST

We often talk about how mothers are the most important part of our lives and how our world revolves around them but do we ever talk about her mental health? A woman from the day she gets married, carries all sort of responsibilities which always keeps on adding but have never lessened. From becoming a wife to daughter-in-law to mother and then a grandmother, playing many roles in different stages of life requires a different mindset, a different set of ideas, and different wisdom which have different impacts on her mental health. This topic is vast and never-ending to discuss but let us talk about problems faced by new mothers in today's world. We spoke to Dr Disha Sheth, DNB medicine, Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowrie, Pune, to understand and highlight the importance of taking care of a mother's mental health and how the various daily activities affect them internally. Scroll down to know what Dr Sheth has to say.

Mother's Mental Health Is Important

Working women often find themselves in trouble focusing on both family and work life. Balancing both is one of the biggest challenges they face on a daily basis. And sometimes when they fail to find their focus, they tend to suffer from mental challenges from their loved ones.

Mothers face something called 'Mommy Guilt' while leaving their baby with a nanny or some family member for her work, bidding their crying baby goodbye every day with heavy hearts. Unable to take care of herself, her body and her diet, eventually makes her feel more incomplete.

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Post-Partum depression is a real thing. Many mothers face it but goes unnoticed.

Housemaker moms have an unending to-do list.

Mental trauma Single Mothers face is unimaginable for some of us. From managing everything single-handedly including finances to facing society's evil eye to lack of family support, single mothers have proved to be the knight in shining armour with deep-seated anxiety and depression that no one wants to talk about.

Taking care of a kid from Toddler to adolescence to Adulthood age, she does the best thing possible. In all these lives hustle many mothers' have lost their self-confidence to work or face a professional challenge, have their talents wasted or have ended up with low self-esteem and image.

"So, if we ask how should she deal with it then please spare her with this burden of "dealing" too. Let us do our bit and part more actively by sharing her responsibilities so she can spare some time for herself. Acknowledge her efforts, trust me it means a lot to them. Understand her simple smile even when there is a storm going on underneath. Give her what her body, mind and soul need. Because it's rightly said mothers double whatever is given to them," Dr Sheth told

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