What your sleeping position tells about you and your love life!

You reveal so much about yourself when you sleep.

There is nothing in this world as refreshing and rewarding as a good night s sleep. But did you know, when you sleep, you tend to reveal a lot about yourself? A study conducted by Professor Chris Idzikowski, Director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service says that sleep positions reveal a lot about your personality and also how good you are in the bed with your partner. Here are 12 amazing facts about sleep that you should know.

So, curious to know what your sleep position says about you? Here goes:

1. The Fetal Position

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The study said that most people prefer this position for a restful sleep. It is the same position in which a baby stays curled up in the mother s womb and hence the name. People, who sleep in the fetal position, sleep on their sides with their arms and legs curled inwards.

fetus poseThe personality traits

  • Fetal position sleepers are shy in nature.
  • They are soft at heart, but appear to be tough to the world.
  • They are sensitive beings who need more attention and yearn for love and warmth.

The love life

  • They seldom make the first move emotionally or physically even if they are dying to do so. But once you establish a trust with them and are able to get into their comfort zone, they can turn out to be adventurous in love. Here are 10 things a guy should never do on the first date.
  • They are generous lovers and also know how to get what their heart desires (without making the first move).

2. The Log Position

Ever heard of the phrase sleeping like a log, that s exactly what you do if you choose this position. People who prefer this position sleep on their sides with legs straight and stretched out and hands by their sides for eight whole hours. Gosh!

Log PositionThe personality traits

  • They are social animals and love to interact with all kinds of people.
  • They believe in the philosophy of work hard and party harder.
  • They are the kind whom you can trust and confide in. However, this trait makes them gullible too.

The love life

  • They fall in love too soon and might have to nurture a few heartbreaks. But that definitely doesn t stop them from falling in love all over again. Here is some help on how to ask a girl out on a date.
  • They are fun to be with and outgoing.
  • They don t mind trying new things even in the bed. So if you have a sex position in mind and your partner is a 'log position sleeper,' he/she will want to go with the flow and sizzle in the bed. Try these sex positions to add zing to your love life.

3. The Yearner Position

This is a small variation of the log position. The yearner sleepers sleep on their sides with arms extended out in front of them and legs flexed at the knees. They may or may not use a pillow.

Yearner poseThe personality traits

  • They have a dual personality of sorts. While they are open and inviting, they can also be suspicious and cynical at the same time.
  • They take the time to arrive at a conclusion and make decisions.
  • They stick to their commitments dearly.

The love life

4. The Soldier position

As the name suggests, they sleep in the stand-at-attention position, lying straight on their backs with arms on their sides and feet shoulder-width apart.

Soldier poseThe personality traits

  • They live up to their name and take themselves too seriously.
  • They are structured and organised in life.
  • They expect a lot from themselves and others.

The love life

  • They love sticking to a routine. So no experimentation with sex positions or sexcapades.
  • They don t like any drama. That puts them off. So keep it simple. No candles or champagne tonight. However, here are few tips to help you last longer in the bed.
  • They are good lovers and do their best to please their partners.

5. The Free fall Position

This means sleeping on your stomach with the head turned to one side and arms around the pillow.

Freefall poseThe personality traits

  • They are over-sensitive to criticism.
  • They are free spirits but can be brash at times.
  • They try to stay positive but are nervous at heart.

The love life

  • They are fun and outgoing.
  • They love to be adventurous when it comes to sex but avoid hardcore kink.
  • They can be uber-confident about sex, but criticism in the bed could lead to a meltdown.

6. The Starfish Position

This position isn t preferred by many as it isn t always feasible to sleep with your arms and legs stretched out on the bed (like a starfish). Especially, if you share your bed with your spouse and child. However, it is most preferred by singletons.

Star fish PositionThe personality traits

  • They are loyal friends.
  • They make friends and family their priority.
  • They have a patient ear for others problems.
  • They go out of their way to help people.

The love life

  • They listen to their partner and try to fulfill their needs.
  • They go out of their way to please their partners.
  • They find it difficult to talk about what they need in the bed or life.

So, now you know what will help you choose the right partner. No more dinner or movie dates any late night phone calls, just peep into his/her bedroom and check for the sleeping position you will get all your answers in just one glance.

P.S. People do change positions while they sleep. This study was done keeping in mind the preferred position of each person, the position they choose to be in most of the time in their sleep (around 1000 plus people took part in the study).

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