What are the symptoms of high cholesterol level? (Disease query)

What are the symptoms of high cholesterol level? (Disease query)

Have you ever wondered what could be the symptoms of high cholesterol?

Written by Shraddha Rupavate |Published : July 24, 2014 2:29 PM IST

High cholesterol symptomsHi, I am 46-year old male. I had borderline cholesterol problem (LDL: 135mg/dL, HDL: 46 mg/dL) 6 months back. Since then I have controlled my diet and I also exercise every day. But I want to know if my cholesterol has increased? Are there any particular symptoms I should be looking for?

It's good to know that you have taken the necessary steps to control your cholesterol levels before they cross the borderline. However, to find out whether you have been successful in lowering your cholesterol level you need to take a lipid profiling test again as there are no specific symptoms or signs that can indicate a high cholesterol level in the blood. In fact, high cholesterol is itself a risk factor for heart disease. So, symptoms like chest pain, dizziness, palpitations and breathlessness, which are seen in heart disease, can often be due to high cholesterol. Only in case of a genetic, inherited lipid disorder or familial hypercholesterolaemia is thereany likelihood of symptoms surfacing, such as yellow lumps or aggregated mass under the skin, especially around the eyelids.

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