6 ways beetroot juice can save your life!

Hate vegetable juices? But this one will help you get better at sex, keep your heart healthy and make you intelligent. You cant say no to it.

Drinking a glass of beetroot juice daily means consuming a whole lot of goodness antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Of course, minus the fibre that you only get when you eat the whole vegetable. However, only the juice will also do you great deal of good, here s how:

Improves performance in bed:Erectile dysfunction is a dampener for romancce. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice can help you overcome this problem. Beetroot is rich in nitrates that convert into nitric oxide, a gas that helps the blood vessels to dilate and boost circulation, even to the genitals [1]. This helps in better erection and improves sexual performance. Here are 11 other benefits of beetroot you need to know.

Purifies blood: A closed study reported in the Journal of Nursing and Health Science showed that adolescent girls who suffered from anaemia improved their iron levels in just 20 days by drinking a glass of beetroot juice daily [2]. Beetroot is a rich source of iron, which is an essential nutrient required for the formation of haemoglobin, a protein present in red blood cells (RBCs) that is responsible for transporting oxygen to various parts of body. This is especially beneficial for pregnant women who nees more iron during pregnancy. What better way to get it than from a natural rich iron source! Here are eight must have vegetables for pregnancy.

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Keeps heart healthy: Again nitrates present in beetroot come to your rescue. If you suffer from hypertension or other cardiovascular diseases, drinking beetroot juice can be of immense help to you. It helps the blood vessels dilate and improves circulation. A study further confirmed that drinking beetroot juice extracted from 500 gm of the vegetable for two weeks in a row can lower high blood pressure within six hours of consuming the same [3]. We must say it is the most natural and safe way to keep your heart safe and healthy. Here are 10 ways to keep your heart healthy.

Keeps brain young: Studies have found that lack of nitrate oxideprevents cerebral blood flow, which means rapid ageing of the brain and dying neurones. Consumption of beetroot juice helps revive the portion of the frontal cortex responsible for the cognitive function of the brain [4]. This helps to keep age-related brain disorders like dementia, Alzheimer s diseases in check. Here are 10 ways to keep your brain young and active.

Controls diabetes: While most think beetroot is a taboo food for diabetics, having beetroot juice can actually help improve insulin function and glucose response postprandial. This is because beetroot juice is a particularly rich source of betalain and neo betanin that helps to lower glucose levels, increase insulin sensitivity and prevent oxidative stress-induced changes in patients with diabetes [5].

Protects from cancer: Beetroots are rich in betanin, a major betacyanin constituent, that plays an important role in eliminating toxins and suppressing growth of various tumour cells [6]. Also, another study showed that betacyanin helped slow the growth of tumours by 12.5 percent in patients with breast and prostate cancer [7].


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