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Global Handwashing Day - A step-by-step guide to wash your hands the right way

Global Handwashing Day - A step-by-step guide to wash your hands the right way

Washing your hands the right way is important. But, how many of you wash them the right way? This article is especially for YOU.

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : October 14, 2016 6:10 PM IST

Do you wash your hands before eating meals or after visiting the washroom? Is this your daily practise? Although the answer to these questions might be a NO , washing your hands thoroughly before eating anything, after coming home and after visiting your washroom is a must. This is because, washing your hands can prevent you from various diseases cholera,typhoid,gastroenteritis,common cold and cough and skin infections.

However, washing your hands merely with soap is not enough, it has to be done the right way. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), you should wash your hands at least for 40 to 60seconds with the help of clean water and soap. Wondering how to wash your hands the right way? Well, here is a 7 step-by-step guide to wash your hands and stay protected from various health complications.

Hand washing steps

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Firstly, wet your hands with water till the centre of the forearm. Apply soap or hand wash on your hands. Now, rub your palms together to get a good lather. Here are 9 reasons why you should think before using hand sanitizers.


Now, rub the back of both hands by placing your right palm on the back of the left hand and interlacing outstretched fingers. Alternate the hands and repeat the process till you get foam on your hands. This process ensures that the area between the fingers is properly cleaned.


Place your palms together and interlace your fingers. Rub your hands together to clean your palms and fingers properly.


Now, bend the fingers of both hands and interlock them with the palms facing each other. Move the finger tips in opposite directions to clean the dirt (that might be present). Here are 10 things about your personal hygiene you are doing wrong.


Clasp the thumb of one hand with the fingers of the other hand. Now rotate the fingers in a clockwise and anticlockwise fashion around the thumb. Repeat the process for the thumb of the other hand.


Bring the fingers together of one hand over the palm to form a sort of an apex. Place this on the palm of the opposite hand and rub in a circular motion. Repeat the process for the other hand.


Now clean the wrists of both the hands by clasping one hand over the wrist of the other and rubbing in a clockwise and anticlockwise fashion. Finally, rinse off the soap and wash hands well with clean water. You may also like to read about the 9-step healthy guide to use the public toilet.

Tips you should keep in mind:

  • Do not touch the tap head with your clean hands use a tissue to hold the faucet and turn off the water.
  • Wipe your hands dry with the help of disposable tissue, or your own handkerchief.
  • Do not use common towels or touch door handles in the bathroom as they can recontaminate your hands.

Follow this 7-step guide to wash your hands and keep these tips in mind to lead a healthy life. Wash your hands and stay protected from diseases! Also read about 10 menstrual hygiene tips every girl and woman should know.

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