Want to get rid of rashes under your breast? Try these 8 effective natural solutions

Many women experience it. Though it is not worrisome, it can be painful and irritating. So, just opt for these home remedies and say goodbye to your rashes.

Do you often feel that burning sensation under your breast? It can cause discomfort. You will not be able to wear the clothes of your choice. So, read on to know more about it.

Climate, allergies, lack of personal hygiene, wearing cloth materials which are not skin-friendly and bacterial and fungal infections can lead to breast rashes. You may exhibit symptoms like itching, pain, redness, bumps and so on. Yes, breast rashes are annoying! But, now you can say bid adieu to them by following these smart tricks. Just get going and you will thank us later!

  1. You can apply aloe vera gel: It is loaded with antibacterial and antifungal properties and can help you to soothe your inflamed and irritated skin. You will surely feel relaxed! Just apply that freshly extracted aloe vera on the affected area and wash it off with water after sometime.
  2. You can apply basil leaves: They carry antimicrobial compounds and can relieve burning sensations. Furthermore, it will fight infections. Just make a fine paste of basil leaves by adding water to them and apply that paste on the affected area and you will see the difference.
  3. You can apply turmeric: It is anti-inflammatory and antiseptic in nature and can help you to get rid of rashes. Just add some milk to the turmeric and apply it on your rashes. Later, wash it off.
  4. You can apply garlic: It is anti-inflammatory and can eliminate bacteria. So, just opt for it. You can crush a garlic clove and apply it on the affected area and ta-da, your rashes will vanish in some time.
  5. You can apply lemon juice: It has a citrusy fragrance that can help you to deal with bacteria. In addition, it can also speed up your healing process. So, what you can do is, add some lemon juice to the water and rinse the area with it.
  6. You can apply an ice pack: It will help you to tackle swelling and rash. So, just place the ice pack on the affected area and after sometime remove it.
  7. You can apply honey: It is a humectant and carries antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. You can mix honey and lemon juice and apply it under your breasts.
  8. You can apply green tea: It contains anti-fungal compounds and can help you to keep bacteria at bay. So, place a green tea bag in hot water and remove it after some time and just dab the bag on your rash. Later, wash the area with water.

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