Want to get rid of a stuffy nose? Go au naturel

You can go for peppermint tea to get rid of your stuffy nose. © Shutterstock

A stuffy nose is annoying and can rob your peace. But, you will be able to clear your stuffy nose naturally. Follow these fool-proof tricks.

Are you feeling sick and feverish? Finding it difficult to breathe? Yes, this is how you will feel initially, following the onset of a bad cold which is accompanied by a stuffy nose, also known as nasal congestion. This irritating condition is due to an underlying health issue like the common cold.

If you have a stuffy nose, you may exhibit symptoms like pain in the sinus, swelling of your nasal tissue, a runny nose and so on. You may also get a stuffy nose due to the inflammation of your nostrils. Moreover, cold, a flu and sinusitis, can cause a stuffy nose. Though, your symptoms might improve within few days. But, if you tend to experience nasal congestion for a long time then it could be due to hay fever, allergies, chronic sinusitis, exposure to chemicals and many other factors. So, just seek your expert's help immediately. Along with the medication prescribed by your expert, you can also try these smart strategies.

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