UTIs Can Disrupt Women’s Lives On A Daily Basis: Study

Sleep, exercise and intimacy are some affected areas of life

Written By Kashish Sharma | Published : February 3, 2023 10:50 PM IST

Some studies have also shown that UTIs can also impair one’s work productivity as many times working women might not show up to work.

Infections that happen in your urinary tract are called urinary tract infections. They cause problems in urination but are treatable with medication. They are one of the most common infections that affect people globally. Researchers have found that UTIs can disrupt people's lives, affecting their work and even sleep cycle. Nearly 150 million people are infected by the infection each year. Studies have found that UTIs can diminish the overall quality of their lives and also affect their productivity.

Some studies have also shown that urinary tract infections not only impact a woman's physical health but recurrent infections can make them experience negative emotions including worry, frustration and anger.


UTI among women

A study published in the journal PLOS found that more than half of the women with UTIs experience a decline in sleep, exercise and sexual intimacy. Women can have either complicated or uncomplicated UTIs. Conditions like kidney stones or any obstruction in the urinary tract can make it complicated. Uncomplicated UTI happens when a person gets the infection without any of these factors and their condition is treatable with antibiotics.

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In the study, the researchers conducted an online survey of 375 women who were aged 18 years or over and all participants were from the United States. All subjects had experienced UTIs in the past 60 days and were on different medications.


The researchers intended to understand the areas of their lives affected by the condition. They found 66.9% of participants experienced impaired sexual intercourse, 60.8% impaired sleep, and 52.3% impaired ability to exercise.

As per some quoted experts, the feeling to urinate and the burning sensation it accompanies is one of the most noxious stimuli to the brain and cause immense discomfort to women.

Some studies have also shown that UTIs can also impair one's work productivity as many times working women might not show up to work.

What care must be taken

As per most experts, good toilet hygiene and good hydration can prevent urinary tract infections. Uncomplicated UTIs are often caused by bacteria that can sometimes reach up to the urethra and cause infection. Reportedly, many times UTI is self-reported among women but as per experts, care must be taken that a urine report is followed by a urine culture that can give the clinician an idea about the specific bacteria causing infection and which antibiotic among the pool of drugs will be effective against it.