Use yoga and Ayurveda to treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Yoga will boost your immune system and help you deal the STD infections.

STD is scary but what do you do if you have already developed one? You probably lose all hope and take antibiotics and antiviral drugs to fight the infection. But did you know that you could use yoga and Ayurveda to get some relief from the disease? Studies have shown that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can be dealt with Indian schools of medicine and well being such as yoga, Ayurveda and naturopathy.

How do yoga and Ayurveda help to treat STDs?

Dr Rishi Manivannan, an Ayurvedic doctor, believes that yoga and Ayurveda can be useful in treating STDs. Yoga adopts a holistic view of strengthening the core immune system of the individual. One thus becomes stronger and more equipped to deal with the disease-causing agents. These yoga asanas will improve your immunity. To promote good health, all we need to do is strengthen the core of the body. When yoga strengthens every system in your body, the body naturally obtains the power to heal itself. Thus yoga the regular practice of asana, pranayama and meditation has a positive effect on patients suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

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On the other hand, Ayurveda adopts a more disease-centric approach to treating STDs. There are specific medicines to treat specific conditions, and other medications to supplement the process of immunity building. Here s how you can use Ayurveda to improve your immunity. Studies have found that simple changes in diet can help in dealing with STDs. Foods affect STDs either positively or negatively depending on their form. STDs such as gonorrhoea and syphilis are healed by foods that assist in restoring the natural balance of the body without any side effects. Lettuce, parsley, sugar, processed and refined foods, alcohol and some citrus fruits may cause the ailment to spread quickly and must be avoided.

Can naturopathy help treat STD?

Dr Suriya Ramesh, naturopathy consultant at Vitalife Clinic and Sri Ayurveda Hospital points out that natural remedies have lesser side effects. Instead, strengthening the immune system can lead to greater results. Most Sexually Transmitted Diseases, especially HIV-AIDS affect the immune system of the patient. Boosting the patient s immunity can extend life expectancy even in cases where the disease is incurable, as in the event of a patient who has AIDS. Naturopathy is known to have positive results on STDs that cause rashes or warts. Everyday products such as neem don the role of an effective anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent and can be used in both internal and external modes of treatment. Here are 5 tests to detect a recent HIV infection.

Can practising yoga help prevent an STD?

There is more to yoga than asanas and pranayama, notes Dinesh Kashikar, Director, SriSri Yoga, Yoga is a lifestyle. In fact, the first niyama (rule) of the Ashtanga yoga is shoucha or cleanliness. In a particular sense, for STDs, prevention is better than cure. So, by following the lifestyle of yoga, most of these diseases get prevented at the initial stages. Did you know you can get an STD without having sex?

A real life story from an STD victim

The right diet can treat, even miraculously heal STDs. Charita V, a journalist, who suffers from Candida says: It was only after being diagnosed that I realised why I was being troubled with such weird symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, irregular periods and a stubborn itchy rash on my stomach that didn t budge for nearly three years. No allopathic or homoeopathic diagnosis or treatment was of any use. She seems to be in a better place now, and credits the progress to Naturopathy and Ayurveda, all this happened with just a change in diet and gentle Ayurvedic herbs with no worries of side effects. She adds that the practice of yoga and regular meditation helped her keep her head above the water.

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