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Use fish oil to improve your eye sight

The omega-3-fatty acids in fish oil help in keeping your eyes healthy and prevent disorders such as dry eye syndrome.

Written by Poorva Chavan |Published : March 9, 2016 9:33 AM IST

Fish oil is one of the most commonly used supplements and the shiny yellow capsules are a common sight in many households. Fish oil is supposed to boost immunity and improve your overall health. But did you know it is excellent for your eyesight?

With age, the central portion of the eye, the macula, starts degenerating which slowly leads to diminished vision and vision loss. Fish oil supplements are known to prevent this age-related macular degeneration and can prevent vision loss to a certain extent.

Fish oil contains omega-3-fatty acids such as DHA, which accumulate in the eye during late foetal and early neonatal stages. DHA is necessary for the functioning of the photoreceptor cells in the eye and for eye health. It also helps prevents vision loss. [1]

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Fish oil is also known to play an important role in preventing dry eye syndrome. Dry eye syndrome is a condition with symptoms such as mild irritation, pain and swelling in the eye caused due to decreased production of tears or excessive evaporation. It is usually due to excessive use of computers or can be a side effect of certain medication.

A study published in the International Journal of Ophthalmology [2], says that fish oil can improve dry eye syndrome by 150%. The omega-3-fatty acids in the fish oil are responsible for this effect. The study also says that the oil obtained from cold water fish like sardines, salmon and mackerel can prevent the dry eye syndrome. The omega-3-fatty acids also help in improving the contrast sensitivity of your eye and help you see better in low-light or low-visibility conditions.


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