Why diabetics are at a high-risk for urinary tract infections (UTI)?

Do you suffer from recurrent UTI? Well, get your blood glucose level checked!

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are quite common in women. And the main cause of UTI in women is lack of proper hygiene and sanitation. However, certain infections and diseases can also up the risk of UTI in women. And one such common lifestyle conditions that are known to put you at risk of UTI is diabetes. Yes, if you are diabetic, then your risk of developing UTIs increases two-fold as against those without high blood glucose level. And if you are wondering why this is so, we have Dr Amrita Ghosh, Diabetologist, Fortis CDOC Hospital, New Delhi, explaining in detail. Here are 6 common signs that you suffer from UTI.

Why are diabetics at high-risk for UTI?

Firstly, if you are suffering from diabetes, your immunity goes for a toss due to high blood glucose levels. As the immune response is affected, the body is unable to fight off invading bacteria, viruses and fungi. And this is the reason, why you develop infections due to commonly encountered germs. Moreover, diabetes also puts you at risk for recurrent UTI. Here are 7 effective tips to prevent recurring urinary tract infections (UTI).

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Secondly, long duration diabetes can affect the nerves supplying blood to the bladder, which prevents the bladder from emptying. It could be either due to a weakening of the bladder muscles or interruption in the signals between the brain and urinary system. As a result, there is incomplete voiding of urine, which pose a greater risk of infection in diabetics.

Diabetes also affects your metabolism. If you have a poor metabolic control, it acts as a fertile ground for microbes, increasing the risk of infection in people with diabetes.

It is also seen that certain medications used to control diabetes can cause minor urinary tract infection. Hence, if this is the case, you need to talk to your doctor and follow tips to prevent UTI. Remember that routine antibiotics may be ineffective to deal with UTI in diabetics. Also read about 7 simple natural remedies to treat urinary tract infection.

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