Two effective home remedies for oral lichen planus

Are you suffering from painful, recurrent oral sores? If so, it could be an autoimmune disorder called oral lichen planus. Here are effective home remedies.

Have you noticed painful open sores on the insides of your mouth? If this symptom doesn't subside in a few days and keeps recurring without any relief, consult your doctor because there is a possibility that it could be a sign of an autoimmune disorder called oral lichen planus (Lie-kun play-nus). These are the 8 common causes of recurrent mouth ulcers.

This is an inflammatory condition in which the immune system attacks the mucous membranes inside the mouth, that eventually forms white patches, open sores or even red, swollen tissues. Lichen planus is a fairly common autoimmune disorder that affects nearly 2% of the general population. However, the cause of this disorder is still unknown. Here's what your mouth says about your health.

Patients suffering from oral lichen planus experience a lot of pain and discomfort due to the oral lesions and blisters on the inside of the cheeks, gums, tongue and even inner tissues of the mouth. Since this is a chronic condition, patients are normally prescribed topical ointments or oral medicines. However, in the US, these medications carry a warning because there has been an unclear association with cancer [1].

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While there is no permanent cure for lichen planus, researchers from King George s Medical University in India studied 10 patients with oral lichen planus for three months where it was found that turmeric ointment was very effective in relieving these patients of their symptoms if it is applied twice a day regularly [2]. You can follow these two home remedies to get rid of the painful oral sores without any side effects. Dr Nitin Kamath, former Principal & HOD, and Honorary Professor, Kayachikitsa, Ayurved Mahavidyalaya & Seth R. V. Ayurved Hospital, Mumbai shares how.

To make the turmeric paste, you will need one dried turmeric root and chandan stone which you can buy from your local market. You can add a few drops of water to the stone and then grind the turmeric root against it until a smooth paste forms. You can keep adding some more drops of water while doing so to get the desired consistency. Once the paste is ready, you can apply it to the sores in your mouth with your fingers or even use an ear bud to reach other areas of your mouth that your finger can t access.

Make sure the dried turmeric root you use is fresh and don t buy it in bulk. If stored for too long, the turmeric root can attract some bugs, says Dr Kamath. Apply the turmeric paste to the affected areas twice a day. You will get relief from the pain after a week and the oral sores and blisters will subside after three-four weeks depending on how severe they are. Dr Kamath further adds that one can also use turmeric powder along with a few drops of water to make the paste, but that is known to be less effective.

If applying turmeric paste in your mouth is just not for you because of the taste, you can try this other home remedy which is much easier on your taste buds due to the sweet taste. Mix ghee and honey with some powdered liquorice (mulethi) until it forms into a smooth paste. Apply the paste to the affected areas in your mouth the same way at least twice a day. Also, remember to apply the paste only after your meals. Here are 6 natural remedies to get rid of mouth ulcers.

Another important thing to remember is, practise good oral hygiene like gargling your mouth and keeping your teeth and gums clean for a speedier recovery from oral lichen planus. These are the 8 reasons why you shouldn't ignore oral problems.

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