Try these yoga poses to improve digestion

Try these yoga poses to improve digestion

Written by Pavitra Sampath |Updated : March 16, 2015 3:52 PM IST

Yoga poses for digestionIt is believed that good digestion is the key to good health. According to Ayurvedic doctors, the stomach plays and important role in regulating the body's mechanisms and a healthy stomach can help keep acne at bay, make you less irritable, helps keep your body safe from diseases like indigestion and in some cases even cancer. So much so that the principles of Ayurveda stipulate that an unhealthy stomach can lead to poor eyesight. So. wouldn't you want to take care of this important organ? Try these Yoga poses for some help:

SarvangasanaSarvangasana: This pose is essentially known for its ability to regulate the working of the thyroid glands. These glands are responsible for the proper functioning of the entire body including the digestive, nervous, reproductive system, regulating metabolism and respiratory system. Apart from that , it nourishes the spine with a good supply of blood and oxygen, helping you beat nervous system disorders, and improving your all round health.

How to do this pose:

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To do this pose, lie on a yoga mat with your legs extending outwards. Now slowly raise your legs either by first folding them at the knees or by lifting them straight. Place your palms along your back and hips to support it, and raise your body while pointing your toes to the ceiling. All your weight should be on your shoulders. Make sure you breathe slowly and lock your chin into your chest. Your elbows should be touching the floor and your back should be supported. Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable. To return to the lying position, slowly lower your body. Do not simply fall back to the lying position.

Tips to keep in mind: Do not do this pose if you suffer from any neck or spinal injuries. If you do have high blood pressure perform this exercise only under supervision. (Read: How to choose a yoga class)

TrikonaasanaTrikonasana : This aasana strengthens your legs, knees, ankles and chest. It also helps improve digestion and improves one's rate of metabolism. Apart from that it improves mental equilibrium making you more calm, reduces anxiety and stress, thereby helping you beat acidity and stress related stomach ailments like constipation.

Steps to do this pose:

Stand up straight, now spread your legs apart. Turn one foot outwards such that your toes are facing sideways and turn your other foot slightly inwards. Now, stretch your arms sideways. Bend at your hips and lower one arm towards the outward turned leg while allowing the other arm to rise up towards the sky. Make sure you distribute your body weight equally on both your legs. Now, breathe out when you bend down. Place your arm either on your ankle, shin or knee. If you are extremely flexible, try to touch the floor with your palm. Breathe in and out softly and allow your body to relax. Make sure your hips are straight and you are not bending backwards or forwards. Hold this pose for five breath counts. Now, exhale and come up to the standing position. Repeat this on the other side. It is recommended that you do not push yourself too much while doing this pose, take your time to gain some flexibility.

Tips to keep in mind: Do not do this pose if you have high or low blood pressure, a neck or back injury, suffer from migraines or have diarrhoea.

JanusirsasanaJanusirsasana: This pose is great to heal the digestive system and relieve stress, it helps stretch out your back, neck, calf muscles and hamstrings. It is a great pose to quieten the mind and beat insomnia. (Read: Beat insomnia with yoga)

Steps to do this pose: Sit down on the floor with your legs together in front of you. Now fold one of your legs at the knees, and place that leg's foot on the upper thigh of the extended leg. The higher your legs are placed on your thigh the more the stretch. Now place one hand on your hip for support and while extending the other hand. Now, exhale and bend forward. Try to clasp your toes with your extended arm. Stay in this position for five breaths. Now inhale and come back to the sitting position.

Tips to keep in mind: Do not do this pose if you suffer from any kind of knee injury, lower back pain or injury, diarrhoea or asthma.

BhujangasanaBhujangasana: This pose opens up the chest, improves breathing, reduces stress, strengthens the shoulders, back and abdomen and more importantly improves circulation and digestion. The pose is great in helping the stomach acids function normally thereby helping you beat symptoms like acidity, constipation etc. (Read: Top 10 home remedies for constipation)

Steps to do this pose: Lie flat on the floor on your stomach. Place your forehead on the floor and your feet flat on the ground. Make sure your feet and heels are slightly touching each other. Place your hands with your palms facing downwards right next to your shoulders with your elbows as close as possible to your body. Make sure they do not flare out. Now, exhale and lift your upper body one part at a time first your head, chest then your back and pelvis. At this point make sure your hands are straight and elbows are locked. Make sure your navel is in contact with the floor and you are placing equal pressure on both hands. Now breathe in and out slowly and try to calm your mind. To get out of the pose, breathe out and gently come back down to the lying position. To sit up again, turn to your side and get up with the help of your palms.

Tips to remember: Do not do this pose if you have a wrist injury, are pregnant or have a back injury.

BalasanaBalasana: Also known as the child's pose, this aasana is a calming and restorative in nature. It allows you to relax and stretches out your arms, lower back and spine. Since this pose relaxes you it is best to beat stress and relieve gastrointestinal symptoms related to the condition. So, after that tiring day at work, this is the best aasana for you. (Read: Feeling stressed? Try these natural remedies)

Steps to do this pose: Start with your knees on the floor, now rest your buttocks on your feet. Make sure your back is straight and your hands are resting on your knees. Now exhale, and while using your hands as support, slide down and forwards into the child's pose. Once here, breathe in and out slowly. Just relax and let your body calm down. The goal is to have your forehead touch the ground, but if you can't do not push yourself. Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable. Now to come out of this pose inhale and use your hands to push up your upper body. Rise slowly and try not to put too much pressure on your back.

Tips to remember: If you suffer from acidity, are pregnant, have a lower back injury do not do this pose.

Finally, remember that these poses are supposed to be done only till the point that you are not uncomfortable. Avoid pushing your body beyond your physical limits. You will be able to achieve the perfect pose with practice.

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