Try banana peels to get rid of common and plantar warts

Banana peel is the best and natural way to treat warts.

Warts seem like common painless blisters which usually appear on the face and neck in case of children and hands or fingers of adults. However, they aren t very pleasant to look at and it is best to get rid of them before they cause any pain or discomfort. If your blister is bulging out more than the usual, you might want to suppress it with some home remedies. Other types of painful warts could include genital or plantar warts and it is best to consult a doctor in this case. Did you know you could contract warts from a beauty salon too?

Ayurveda has several effective home remedies for warts. You ll be surprised to know that one of it is the commonly available bananas. Mrs. Geeta Ramesh, Director of Kairala Ayurveda Group tells us how a simple banana peel can be an effective remedy to get rid of common and plantar warts. Since banana peels are a great source of potassium, they help in suppressing the warts and reduce the pain or discomfort. They may not completely help you get rid of the warts but they certainly provide relief and prevent further spreading. You can also try this home remedy for flat warts.

Here s how you can use banana peel

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Take the banana peel and tape it on the wart with its flesh facing inside. You need to use the peel like a band-aid so that the flesh comes in contact with the wart. Leave it overnight and repeat this for a few days. The peels have shown remarkable results in a few cases.

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