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Top 5 home remedies to treat corns

Corns are a common occurrence in many, but treating them can be done sans medicines -- here are a few natural ways to get rid of corns.

Written by Editorial Team |Updated : November 6, 2014 12:37 PM IST

It would seem amazing that no matter how many pedicures you get done every year, your feet tend to be full of corns or calluses. These can be irritatingly painful and disfiguring. These calluses and corns are formed on your feet as the body's defense mechanism to protect your feet from excessive and repetitive friction, pressure or stress. The outermost layer of the skin then goes into overdrive and forms a thick layer of dead cells to protect the sensitive area of your feet. While corns are swollen and unsightly, calluses are patches of hardened dead skin.

Where are they commonly found?

Corns or calluses have been known to form on the sole of the feet which is the biggest victim of pressure and friction. They can also be found on the ball of the feet. Corns can occur on the toes when there is excessive rubbing of toes against each other or they experience a lot of heat and friction caused by the rubbing of footwear against the skin of your feet. Usually it is the footwear or socks that are not comfortable or well-fitting that causes them to appear. There can also be some irregularities in the walking style or the structure of the feet and toes that can cause corns as well.

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Home remedies for corns

There are some medicated OTC (over the counter) ointments that are available for treating this condition but many people have reported that the salicylic acid content in the ointments can cause skin discomfort as well. Instead, home remedies are cheaper, safer than and as effective as many ointments. Here are a few simple and cheap home remedies to get rid of corns:

Remedy #1: Since moisture can be a cause of infection, keep the toes dry by sprinkling on some cornstarch between the toes. Give yourself a luxurious and relaxing pedicure at home by soaking your feet in warm water to soften the skin. Then use a pumice stone to gently rub the dead cells off. You could add some baking soda to the water in which you soak your feet since this ingredient works like magic to remove dead cells. Diluted chamomile tea could also be a good soaking option.

Remedy #2: An easy overnight treatment would be to soak a ball in vinegar and applying the cotton ball on the corn and calluses. The next day the softened dead cells can be removed using a pumice stone. You could also attach the rind of a pineapple to the corn every night till the corn falls off. The enzyme in pineapple is a good catalyst for accelerated healing.

Remedy #3: For quick relief, soak the feet in water and Epsom salt solution before moisturizing them. Wrap the relaxed legs in a plastic bag and keep it on for a few hours. When you take off the bag, rub the corn with a pumice stone gently in a sideways motion.If you are able to detect the various pressure points that are affected during walking then investing in some foot pads can provide temporary relief. These can protect the painful areas and shift the pressure elsewhere on the feet.

Remedy #4: Aspirin is known to contain salicylic acid that can help with the problem of corns. Make a thick paste using lemon juice, powdered Aspirin tablets and water and apply to the corn. Cover the paste with a plastic bag and leave on for some time. When you remove the bag, the skin would have softened enough to be scrubbed gently with a pumice stone.

Remedy #5:When you know that you will be walking for a long distance, apply castor oil to the corns before wrapping it in a corn pad. You could also try to use an emery board to file away any soft corns that develop between the toes. While there are instruments available in the market to cut the corns, doing so might cause infection or bleeding.

Instead, it is a better idea to ease the painful corn and to prevent it in future by wearing well-fitted footwear that does not squeeze the toes too much. There is a fine line that separates comfortable footwear to one that is too roomy. The latter can causes corns too as the feet will constantly slide within the confines and cause friction against the shoe.

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