6 tips to prevent weekend migraines

Don't let migraine ruin your weekend!

Down with migraine every Saturday and Sunday? You are not alone! For the longest time, I believed that my weekends were cursed. What else could explain the headaches I used to get every weekend like clockwork? It would start out like a dull ache in the mid-morning hours and by evening, the ache would have graduated into a full-fledged throbbing migraine. It can single-handedly ruin your holiday plans, leaving you confined in a quiet, dark room with an ice pack and painkillers. What a way to spend the weekend right?

Before you start seeking answers in astrology, migraines on weekends is not caused by the misalignment of your stars. There are perfect scientific reasons why you suffer from migraine every weekend. Some of your social habits could be attributed to it. Other causes include caffeine withdrawal and oversleeping on weekends. If you want to make most of your weekends, here are some of the ways in which you can prevent debilitating migraine attacks.

#1 Wake up at the same time, every day

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We look forward to the weekends to make up for a week's worth of sleep deficit. Bad idea! Just because it is the weekend doesn't mean you should sleep till the cows come home. Oversleeping is one of the biggest causes of weekend migraines. So make sure to tune your body clock to wake up at the same time every day, irrespective which day of the week it is.

#2 Pay attention to your caffeine intake

On regular days, you get your caffeine fix by 7 am, conditioning your body to expect it every day at that time. But if you are still in bed even at 10 am on a Saturday, it's well past your caffeine time. This causes go body to go on a withdrawal mode, triggering a migraine episode.

#3 Stay hydrated

Not drinking enough water could also be a possible migraine trigger. So stay hydrated and have plenty of fluids. Staying at home, lounging around on a weekend is no excuse to neglect your health.

#4 Have breakfast on time

Waking up late just in time for lunch is a sure shot recipe for migraine. Not eating for that long can cause hypoglycaemia, a possible trigger for migraine. To avoid such painful episodes, ensure that even on a weekend you grab your breakfast on time.

#5 Go easy on the booze

Drinking responsibly on a Friday night is important even if you aren't the designated driver. Too much alcohol in the system can cause migraine in some people. Certain types of alcohol contain chemicals that can affect your blood vessels. So if you are prone to headaches on weekends, try staying away from the booze.

#6 Stay away from the computer

Resist the temptation to sit in front of the computer for long hours on a weekend. Blame in on the flickering screen or the constant glare, staring into the screen for long hours can cause migraine episodes. So avoid sitting glued to the PC for too long on a weekend.


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