Tips to prevent jogger's nipples while running

If you experience chafing of nipples while running, read this.

Jogger s nipple is fairly common in men who run regularly for a long time. It is a technical term for dermatitis of the nipple or fissures of the nipple. It is common in men because women wear bra which protects the nipples. It occurs when the nipple rubs against rough, damp fabric leading to soreness and crusting in nipples. We spoke to dermatologist Sejal Shah to tell you tips to prevent jogger s nipples.

Apply a band-aid: You can strategically use a couple of band aids on your nipples so that it can act as a barrier between the friction. Here are 6 health tests you should take before running a marathon.

Sprinkle baby powder: Sprinkling baby powder in the areas prone to chafing is the simplest remedy. The powder will prevent sweat and thus reduce friction of the skin. Have you tried these baby powder hacks?

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Apply petroleum jelly: It is an excellent lubricant and can help reduce friction, It also reduces the burning and itchy sensation.

Use cornstarch: It serves the same purpose as baby powder. Given its moisture absorbing properties, applying cornstarch will ensure that there is less friction even if the skin brushes up against each other.

Oatmeal and olive oil mix: If you have a larger affected area which pains when in contact with clothes, apply a paste of oatmeal and olive oil and leave it for 15-20 minutes. The paste will not only soothe the pain but also promote healing.

Wear breathable clothes: During workouts, loose clothes may cause chafing. So avoid wearing cotton and synthetic material and wear fabrics that can wick away moisture and keep the area dry. You may just want to wear breathable clothes like a tight vest to prevent friction. Here are expert tips on picking the right running gear.

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