Tips to choose the right home health care services

Tips to choose the right home health care services

Mr V Thiyagarajan, MD, India Home Health Care tells us how to select home health care

Written by Debjani Arora |Published : March 5, 2018 5:22 PM IST

With better healthcare services and awareness about healthy eating and living, the longevity and life expectancy of people is thought to increase. However, with age sets in a lot of disabilities and diseases too, while the medical experts can provide better treatment to address the issues but with age, one will also need better caregivers to get going with the day-to-day activities of life. Usually, a family member doubles up as a full-time caregiver for the old and ailing. But we know caregiving isn t an easy job and so people look for professionals equipped to handle the needs and demands of an ailing person in times of distress. This is one of the reasons why home health care services are flourishing in India. Here are few healthcare apps to help patients at home.

According to a recent report by ASSOCHAM, India s healthcare market is expected to see a threefold rise as its size and in value terms, it is likely to reach $372 billion (bn) by 2022 from the level of $110 bn as of 2016. The growth rate of the market will be at 22% CAGR. Few factors like rising in the geriatric population, growing emphasis on medical tourism and decline in the cost of medical services will act as important drivers for the healthcare market. Here is how one should take care of stroke patients at home.

Home Healthcare is becoming increasingly popular in India over the past few years with much of the interest being fuelled by people with chronic medical conditions in need of assistance. In such situations, hectic work schedules and/or lack of proper medical training; makes it challenging for the family members to take on the roles of a competent caretaker. Home healthcare has, therefore, become an ideal, pocket-friendly choice. There are certain things one has to consider before deciding on a home healthcare service for their loved ones.

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Here Mr V Thiyagarajan, MD, India Home Health Care tells us how to choose the right home health care services for your family member.


The credibility of the home health care provider plays a crucial role in selection. It is always a good idea to talk with friends, neighbours to learn more about the home health care agencies in your community. The credibility of a body can be gauged through various means such as testimonials, client referrals, associated tie-ups etc. Worthy testimonials and appraisals from clients and others who have used the services is a good way to ascertain the quality of services offered. Many believe in the legitimacy of what they hear through word of mouth.

Know the services well

There has to be clarity as to what the patients need from the caregiver. A meticulous planning involves daily activities of the patient, mobility needs (if applicable), and medical supervision procedures applicable in a particular day. Home healthcare providers assess the needs of the patient and develop a comprehensive care plan dedicated to caring for the patient. Select a service only when all your needs are taken into consideration and you are getting exactly what you are asking for.

Associations and alliances

One can find many home health care services in collaboration with reputed hospitals in the vicinity. Skilled services once a week or every day, regardless of age can provide one with the home health care services customized for your loved one s needs. These professional services use evidenced-based care to improve the patient outcome with specific quality of life or health status improvement goals in mind. Tie-ups with quality international firms and hospitals ensure the patient that a meticulous service will be provided to the patient.


Home health care services are considered cheaper than the regular hospice care. It is important to choose the right home health care provider with appropriate expertise and experience in order to relieve the patient and their family of unnecessary expenses. Home care brings benefits that can outweigh the hospice costs that include relieving the family of caregiver burnout and ensuring that patients get the best care possible from professional skilled caregivers. A thorough check in the market is required to choose a provider who can provide quality care services at an affordable market rate.

The availability of a robust gamut of specialized services from a health care provider is no doubt a point, in favour of the patient. Services like nurse care, palliative care, elderly care and post-surgery care are usually the most in demand. Some of the more advanced home healthcare services include services such as a tracheostomy care package, pediatric nursing, and disease-specific care & health counselling and are going to see a rise in demand gradually.

Albeit home health care services are at a nascent stage, it would be fair to assume that home health care services have become the preferred choice for most people for whom this is a serious consideration.

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