This is why some farts burn and stink more!

Blame it on the foods you have been eating.

Smelly farts are no fun for you or the people around you. It gets even worse if the fart is accompanied with a burning sensation in the anal opening. But before you resort to taking some medication to treat your gas, you must know why your fart is particularly pungent and why it burns from Dr Ninad Kakde.

Why do some farts burn?

If your gas burns, it is most likely that your anus is irritated due to diarrhoea. The burning sensation could also be because you have been eating too many spicy foods. The best you can do to prevent the burning is to avoid eating any food that causes irritation. Remember, if your mouth burns when you eat the food, your anal opening will also burn when you release it.

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Why does the gas smell pungent?

If you are going to eat cruciferous vegetables like broccoli for dinner, your gas will automatically feel strong. Eating foods high in sulphur like cabbage can also cause smelly farts. Also, if you suffer from constipation or have any food intolerances, your body will react with a stronger smelling gas. Here are a few tried and tested home remedies for gas trouble.

When should you be worried?

Your gas may smell different sometimes, but it always may not be an indication that something is wrong. But if the burning and excessive foul smelling gas are accompanied with blood and mucous in your stool, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

How can you make the gas stink less?

Regular bowel movements will ensure that your system is clean and so you will not suffer from gas in the first place. Here are a few precautions you can take to prevent constipation. Also, eat a lot of probiotics and ensure that your diet contains plenty of fibre to help keep your bowel movements regular. Also, you need to make sure that you do not hold in your poop or gas. If you do, your stool will ferment, and your gas will smell worse. Whenever you need to pass the gas out, just get done with it and walk away.

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